Image Comics’ Rogue Sun #1 Debuts a New Teenage Superhero

Ryan Parrott and Abel’s Rogue Sun #1 introduces fans to a young new hero grappling with new powers, family secrets, and some formidable foes.

Last month, Kyle Higgins, Ryan Parrott, Matt Groom, and Francesco Manna’s supermassive introduced two characters to Image Comics’ newest superhero universe. Radiant Black was joined by a hero from another dimension named Inferno Girl Red but also a fiery young hero named Rogue Sun. Now, Parrott is teaming up with harley quinn artist Abel to dive deeper into the new hero’s story in Rogue Sun #1, an exciting first issue that paints an unforgettable portrait of Image Comics’ newest hero.

Rogue Sun #1 begins with the final battle of New Orleans’ hero, the original Rogue Sun. The hero dies tragically while fighting a mysterious, cloaked figure, but his crime-fighting legacy is destined to live on. When his estranged son of him Dylan inherits the source of his father’s powers of him, the Sun Stone, the high schooler leaps at the opportunity to become a superhero despite his mother’s wishes of him. Dylan’s first experiences of him as the new Rogue Sun prove that he has some pretty big shoes to fill.

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Comics have given readers countless stories about young would-be heroes in over their heads. Parrott certainly leans into this established trope, but his clever writing and sincere respect for the complexities of his characters help him. Rogue Sun #1 stand out. Dylan’s resentment for his absentee father contrasts with his excitement about him at the prospect of becoming a superhero to create a dissonance that the young hero will almost certainly have to wrestle with throughout the series. Similarly, his father’s legacy of him as a hero and failings as a parent represent the complicated distinction between a person’s public and private personas. These thought-provoking, nuanced dynamics create an emotionally turbulent environment that heightens the drama of Rogue Sun’s super-heroics.

Abel’s art takes Rogue Sun #1 from the streets of New Orleans to the halls of a high school before exploring a palatial mansion. His work by him captures the brutal excitement of high-stakes fights with the same ease and grace as his depictions of quiet, emotionally charged conversations. Abel’s designs from him all feel remarkably grounded in reality, which makes the outlandish nature of some of the villains especially striking. His work on him gives credence to the history of heroes and villains that Parrott is developing. Chris O’Halloran’s colors highlight the action and add a vibrant tone to Abel’s character designs. His keen sense of lighting will certainly come in handy as the fiery hero’s adventures continue.

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Seasoned comics readers will find plenty of familiar concepts in Rogue Sun #1, but Parrott’s compelling characters breathe fresh life into the idea. Dylan is a complicated character who has just taken on more responsibility than any high schooler should ever have to deal with. Fans will learn a lot about Dylan and the world of Rogue Sun in upcoming issues, but it’s already clear that he has all the makings of an entertaining hero. Abel’s art makes every page of this action-packed debut issue absolutely thrilling. This first issue is an excellent reminder of the timeless and entertaining nature of superheroes.

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