Jon Hamm on ‘Top Gun: Maverick,’ His New Narrative Podcast and His Dog’s Inner Monologue

Mad Men is one of the shows viewers discovered or re-watched during early pandemic lockdown. I know you’re not on social media, but how has the fan response that reaches you changed over the years?

I found over the course of lockdown that a lot of people started watching it, that I actually thought I had watched it.

Like friends?

yeah. “Hey, I finally watched your show.” “Really? It’s been ten years since it’s been off the air.” But yeah. I’m very happy when people actually see it because it’s a good show. I’m proud of it.

Last year the world got to enjoy photos of you meeting a woman’s dog in Boston. I don’t assume you and the dog are still in touch, but do you remember this happening?

I do remember that. We were in Boston, shooting [Confess, Fletch] down the street. I love dogs. I’ll say it. I have an amazing one. But yeah, I got to bring my dog ​​to Boston. I lived there for two months, and we shot a pretty significant portion of the film at this one location that was very dog-friendly. Five o’clock, everyone comes home from work and walks their dogs. So it was very cool. I got to say hi to a lot of dogs. And my dog ​​got to say hi to a lot of dogs too.

fletch and top gun are both beloved film franchises. What are your considerations before deciding whether to step into those worlds?

Well, with top gun, obviously, that’s Tom’s bailiwick, and it was a tremendous honor to be asked to be in that world. I jumped at the chance. I was literally having a conversation with my 15-year-old self and kveling in every way, shape, and form. But with fletch, it was more about, can we reboot this story, this franchise? Obviously I, like every white male my age, has a kind of trophy shelf of fletch quotes and love, love, love Chevy’s version, but we wanted to make a different version for the 21st century. I’m not doing a Chevy Chase impression and we’re not trying to make that movie, but there are ten novels that Gregory McDonald wrote with this character, and I just thought, “Well, I think we can make a different version of Item.”

I hope that it resonates to a new generation, because obviously kids today don’t know fletch. They weren’t born in the ’80s. They don’t get it. There’s a whole generation and a half that really hasn’t seen that film. So hopefully we can tell another fun, quirky, funny whodunnit starring Fletch.

You already mentioned your dog, who you adopted about a year and a half ago. How is he doing?

He’s good. He’s going to be two. We gave him my birthday. We’re guessing, clearly, but we think he’s about to be two. He’s amazing. He gets a lot of treats and a lot of love. God, he’s the best. He’s just a big sweet, dope. I love him so much.

Since you are a noted voice actor, when you talk to your dog, and your dog answers you back, is there a specific voice you do for him?

I feel like his inner voice is Greg from Succession. I kind of like, “[in a Greg voice] wow. So wait.” He’s kind of confused and amused at the same. “But wait, so I get a treat, but are we going to go for a walk? But wait, I’m kind of sleepy. What?” Anyway, that’s how I feel my dog ​​talks to me.

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