Sterling Publishing Establishes Union Square & Co.

Union Square & Co. and Union Square Kids are the shiny new public facing names of Sterling Publishing. The underlying publisher will still be Sterling Publishing, but Union Square & Co. and Union Square Kids, will be joining Sterling Publishing’s previously existing imprints; Puzzlewright and Sterling Ethos.

Imprints are names and sub-areas that a publisher creates to use under their main umbrella title. Imprints allow a publisher to create new brand identities, and to put out a specifically themed line of titles, which may be aimed at niche segments of the market. In addition, Imprints can have different aspects and missions from the original company.

Emily Meehan, Chief Creative Officer and Publisher for Union Square since 2021, shared that she is keeping the Sterling Ethos for the magic and mystic publishing, and Puzzlewright for their puzzles, as they are both familiar to the public. Francis Heaney is leading Puzzlewright, and Sterling Ethos is captained by Kate Zimmermann.

Puzzlewright currently accounts for about 10% of Union Square’s profits, and Meehan feels there is room for more growth for Puzzlewright, as well as Sterling Ethos. The goal is to engage with existing fans to offer something new, as well as seeking a wider audience. The expansion plans include taking popular titles from within those imprints, and to expand them across other formats, including journals, and calendars.

According to their website “Union Square & Co.’s diverse list showcases top-tier talent and brands and gives space to unique perspectives and strong voices. It features books, decks, stationery, games, and calendars focused on fiction, narrative nonfiction, food & drink, decorating, health, wellness and pop culture”.

Books with the Union Square name will start being released this fall, however, Wolf Den, the first book in Elodie Harper’s historical fiction trilogy, is one of the first titles to be released under the new Union Square flag (March 29th). Union Square Kids fall-release titles include wait for meby Sara Shepard, and Nothing Interesting Ever Happens to Ethan Fairmont by Nick Brooks.

Meehan has said “Behind each Union Square & Co. title is a focus on quality, curation, entertainment, distinction and changes, as well as the collaborative spirit to help authors realized their visions”

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