The Scariest Comic Book Zombies, Ranked

Fans of cinematic zombies have gotten used to seeing a certain type of undead on the big screen, as the rules established by the earliest horror movies were usually followed by other successors in the genre. However, zombies in the comics haven’t stuck as close to some of the cinematic rules, resulting in a larger variety of undead scares to enjoy.

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Zombies have become as popular in comics as they have on the big screen, with a number of riveting stories that have captivated readers and gone on to be adapted in TV and movies. We’ve gathered a few of the scariest examples of the undead from the comics for fans to explore a few new terrifying additions to the zombie genre.

10 The Walking Dead Features Slow-Moving But Dangerous Herds Of Rotting Zombies

One of the most popular comic series to feature zombies is Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore’s The Walking Deadwhich followed a former sheriff as he awakes from a coma in a new world that is struggling to survive a global zombie outbreak.

The undead are rotting, slow-moving brainless zombies who group together to increase their threat, though they mostly follow established rules of cinematic zombies. However, The Walking Dead excelled at showing who the really terrifying monsters really were when the titular humans were pushed to their limits.

9 Sherlock Holmes And Watson Dealt With Terrifying Zombies In Victorian Undead

Ian Edginton and Davide Fabbri brought a new supernatural case to 221B Baker Street in Victorian Undead, which featured the classic literary detective Sherlock Holmes and his ally Doctor Watson as they dealt with a zombie outbreak in Victorian England. Holmes is called in to investigate a new mystery as the dead began to rise.

Zombies were given a clinical re-examination by the best deductive detective in the business, which made their infectious threat seem even more dangerous than usual. London was besieged by zombies controlled by the dark mind of Moriarty, which made them even more terrifying than usual and provided a challenge for Holmes and Watson.

8 Raise The Dead’s Zombies Spread Quickly And Featured Haunting Glowing Eyes

Zombies from Raise the Dead

Dynamite Entertainment’s Raise The Dead by Leah Moore and John Reppion took place in the opening moments of a zombie outbreak as a group of survivors are forced to band together in order to find safety while also exploring the origins of the undead.

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The zombies had a unique look that separated them from other comic book zombies and served to create a haunting addition to the genre. Raise The Dead‘s undead featured glowing eyes that signaled their transformation and added another element to terrify both the survivors and the readers.

7 George A. Romero’s Empire of the Dead Features A War Between Vampires And Zombies

Cover to Empire of the Dead

The rising popularity of zombies in pop culture began in 1968 with Night of the Living Dead from George A. Romero. He is commonly known as the godfather of zombies who established some of the rules shared by most zombie stories. After multiple movies that further explored Romero’s world of zombies, he brought a new chapter to the comics with Empire of the Dead.

Romero worked with artists like Alex Maleev, Dalibor Talajic, and Andrea Mutti to explore a world struggling to move on after somewhat containing the devastating zombie outbreak, which makes New York City a prime target for vampires who are looking to take control. The advanced and aggressive zombies were being used as arena gladiators that further increased their danger.

6 King Zombie Leads An Army Against Survivors In The Post-Apocalyptic Deadworld

King Zombie from Deadworld

Stuart Kerr and Ralph Griffith first launched dead world in 1987 as one of the first zombie comics, and it still stands out for fans as one of the best. dead world is set after an apocalyptic event that brings the dead back to life. The zombie horde that threatens to take over the planet for an other-dimensional master is led by an intelligent member of the undead known as King Zombie.

The Harley-riding King Zombie hunted the survivors and led his zombie army to open a portal to another dimension to help eradicate humanity, though his unforgettable attitude and determination make him one of the scariest comic zombies.

5 Pestilence Revealed That The Black Plague Was Actually The First Zombie Infestation

Knights fighting zombies in Pestilence

The Black Plague was an outbreak of bubonic plague that ravaged Europe and Asia in the 1300s, though Frank Tieri and Oleg Okunev explored an alternate theory in Aftershock Comics’ Pestilence.

A knight from the Crusades worked with a black ops group known as the Fiat Lux, who were tasked with investigating the Black Plague, which was actually a zombie outbreak. The Fiat Lux fought back against the zombie plague that nearly took over the world in an outbreak that was much more terrifying without the weaponry and defenses of the modern world.

4 Blackgas Introduced A Deadly Toxic Zombie With Black Goo Leaking From Their Eyes

Zombies from Blackgas

Warren Ellis and Max Fiumara teamed up in 2006 for Avatar Press’ blackgas, which explored an island with a dark past that saw sailors return to find nothing but burnt and smoking bodies. In the modern age, they discover a mysterious dark gas that begins to transform humans into deadly cannibalistic zombies.

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They are fast-moving and aggressive, though they also partially retained their intelligence and were unable to fight the hunger that consumed them. The zombified monsters were easily identified by the black goo that leaked from their eyes when they were infected

3 DCeased Follows A Zombie Outbreak In The DC Universe That Infects Heroes And Villains

DCeased: Dead Planet #5

the DCeased event took place in an alternate DC reality where a corrupted form of the Anti-Life Equation created a fast-moving zombie plague that covered the planet quickly, infecting civilians, heroes and villains alike.

The zombies were feral and deadly even without the added threat level of the various power sets in the DC universe, though some of the infected heroes and villains were nearly unstoppable due to their individual gifts as well as their zombified frenzy. The survivors are forced to evacuate Earth in order to escape the unstoppable zombie horde.

two Marvel Zombies Explores An Alternate Reality Where The Heroes Have Been Turned

the Marvel Zombies reality is another dimension where a zombie outbreak infected some of the planet’s most powerful superheroes, leading to a global pandemic that spread to the stars and almost beyond. the universe.

While the infected followed similar rules as other zombies, what was truly terrifying about the Marvel Zombies was the fact that they retained their intelligence and personalities but were unable to fight against the hunger that forced characters like Spider-Man to feast on their loved ones. The Marvel Zombies universe was recently introduced to the MCU in the What If..? animatedseries.

1 The Crossed Are Infected Psychopaths Who Carry Out Their Most Vile And Evil Thoughts

The psychopaths from Crossed

Garth Ennis and Jacen Burrows brought the horrific crossed to Avatar Press, and while the plague that moves across the world isn’t a typical zombie outbreak, it is no less terrifying or infectious. crossed introduced fans to the shockingly violent and depraved infected of the story, who develop a cross-like rash on their faces after infection.

They turn into maddened psychopaths who spread the infection through bodily fluids in almost any way possible, from biting to sexual assault to blood-soaked weapons. The Crossed will forever be the most terrifying plague of infected that have appeared in the comics, leaving their victims wishing they had encountered more typical zombies.

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