Women’s Day: Celebrating women authors and their work

Presenting literary works by women authors.

Let us go through the impending journeys of the authors who are the scions of the literature world:

Existences – A collection of short stories by SHUVASHREE CHOWDHURY

‘Existences’ is the rendering of a young woman’s insights into human existence from the richness of a tapestry of public understanding in her life.. The narratives include a short story that is unique in its own self. Initiates from a collage to help see with clarity those simple but significant things.

SUBHASHREE CHOWDHURY is the author of five works of literary fiction and the author describes her journey as tough and she has to pave her path in becoming a novelist, poet and short-fiction author.

One cannot say it is women centric, rather it is about people, events and life-experiences, and from the viewpoint of a working woman. Sensitive, analytic and compassionate in their direction and characterization of the nuances of human feelings, these definitions do not aim to question people, rather project on humanitarian grounds, with viable narratives, the acceptance of the oddity of human presence.

2. The Mind Game by Devika Das

Happiness, stress, ecstasy, or depression, it’s all a mind game. It is said that our mind should always be in control and our mind is where all problems lie. That’s what The Mind Game is. It is not an average self-help book that preaches life-enhancing philosophical methodologies based on complex science or long verses. The book’s genius lies in its simplicity. It offers quick, actionable, and instantly applicable tips that will help readers lead better lives, instantly. Devika Das is an award-winning author and actor. She seeks her passion from her, that is writing and theater in Hyderabad. Her title of her ‘The Mind Game’ is a national bestseller and is now available at bookstores in London. She has recently published a Hindi short story ‘Meghna’ with Blue Rose Publishers. She has won the National Award for short films Waterman and The Silent Voice directed by Anshul Sinha.

3. HAPPY FRUSTRATED by Ritiqa Pachauri

What will you do when you realize you’ve been living a lie? When you see that a happy life is nothing but a betrayal. That your husband leaves you for another man! Shelly woke up to a nightmare. Her husband de ella has no feelings for her. I have loved his boyfriend passionately. Suddenly she was forsaken and then she took alcohol as an option. Alcohol made her speak her emotions from her in a more lucid manner.

situations which made her lose her job, her sister, her friends and almost everything which mattered to her. She continues in a self-destructive way. However, one day she visits Goa and joins her aunt de ella, Polly. Shelly comes to know about her aunt’s unfortunate history de ella and how she manages with her personal loss de ella. After spending significant quality time when Shelly returns back to her hometown de ella, she is taken for the ride of her life de ella when she tells her parents de ella about meeting her aunt de ella. The new knowledge makes her every inch stand up but she still decides to uncover the truth and goes back to Goa where several of her unanswered issues come to light. Shelly ends up making peace with her preceding and dreams for a bright future . Will she be able to? One will have to examine it.

Ritiqa Pachauri is a three times Amazon bestselling author. Her first novel by her was The Affair, published in 2018, followed by Virago and then Happily Frustrated in 2020.

4. Have the Women left Venus? Decoding gender @ workplace by Geet Mala Jalota

“Have the Women left Venus? Decoding gender @ workplace” is a research about the women and workplace and why they depart the workplace often. Everybody says domestic reasons or family duties, but my research revealed an unlikely story. If Corporate India has to become a gender inclusive, then it is crucial for Corporate think tanks to understand that women’s needs are different from men – be it salary, work content, be it work conditions, perks, culture, expansion alternatives or motivating them, Unless these statutes are not catered to, women will not stay long and therefore not contribute in a significant way. Author started writing since she left school. That time she had a desire to write but she didn’t divulge. Moreover she was more directed towards livelihood and was enterprising.

5. WIND CHIMES by Dr. Sujata Chatterjee

WIND CHIMES is a book of Award winning poems by Dr. Sujata Chatterjee. It has the sublime aura of the tinkling wind chimes, whose sound produces an enchanting music. Each poem is different but unique in its own way. The poetry recitation is a surreal experience with the words which come out from the soul of the author. It produces the magic of the pleasant sound of the windchimes that spreads in the air. The poem Secret of my pen has won the poetry of the day in Mirakee website. The poems Lavender Hue, Wedding Bliss and others have been awarded by the Asian Literary Society. Moreover my friends Reetwika Banerjee and Vishwas Vaidya have written some words in my fondness as preface and foreword.Dr. Sujata Chatterjee began her journey as a writer at the tender age of eight. Her maternal grandfather inspired her. Her books by her can be seen at Delhi World Book Fair and Kolkata International Book Fair, Kochi International Book Fair, New Town Book Fair, Allahabad Book Fair, Agra Book Fair.

6. The secret in my blood by Akanksha Agarwal

The secret in my blood is a lattice of emotions expressed by a woman through her being that is analogous to life. The analect recites the intricate torrid state that marks the doldrums of the journey. Every word epitomizes the imprecise feeling of love. The poetess entwined the magic of blood and love. One is inconsistent without the other. The poems depict the fervor and rhapsody between a man and a woman with vivid characterisation. Akanksha renders a vignette that illustrates implicit yearnings, the joy and ecstasy of passion and love. Akanksha Agarwal is a multifaceted artist — a poet, dancer, singer, painter, musician and a homemaker par excellence. She cheerfully embraces the sundry experiences and perspectives of life and pours it out in her creative pursuits of her. They spread an aura of happiness and love. It was her friend and mentor to her, her father to her, who glimpsed the glimmer in her versatile abilities and gave her a ‘Pen’.

7. Tryst with Destiny -Abhikrama by Ashutosh kale and Sandhya Suri

This book is a military-political drama narrative based on the concept of Akhand Bharat and its contextual interpretation in today’s times. Patriotism, Delight, nationalism, an inspiration for India, bravery, renouncing and honor are interwoven in a gripping story with political dimensions across the seventies to present day, through a series of events that appear similar to the ones unfolding around us. The story also underlines the fact that no matter the purity of the dream or the high motive one foretells, the frail of human nature will eventually make a person succumb to a point of decision that either drowns the individual in its deceit or allows him break free of it, depending on these choices he makes and the outcome of that result. She’s a Navy veteran, an inspirational TEDx speaker and began writing to manage stress. She began writing poetry at age 13 to manage stress and emotional stress. Lt. Sandhya Suri, is a change enabler, author and a Pushcart Prize nominee poet.

8. Give. Dream. Travel by Shefali Arora

Have you ever been on a road trip from Delhi to Vishakhapatnam? How would you deal with a raging ice storm when you are on go? Challenging? What would you do if you came face to face with a nasty robber on the way to your station? Women travelers feel that travel is the rainbow that fills color filled in the rainbow. Traveling is a passion. It plays a key role in unfolding their hidden energy.

Accolades to all the women travellers, who share their tales of experiences and feary confrontations. Read on to know how they braved the storms.

Presenting the stories of women travellers, who share scary stories from their travels! Shefali is a PhD in computer science, a lecturer by profession and an avid traveller! Her latest book by Ella is an anthology of travel trips of women travellers. Her previous work on her ‘The Infinite Road’ won her several accolades such as the Best Debutante Fiction award and Most Promising Author award.


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