10 Batman V Superman Details That Are Actually From The Comics

batman v superman is a movie with a very uneven legacy. Some people love it and there’s a legion of Zack Snyder fans on social media who sing its praises. For general audiences, it wasn’t exactly well-received. While some blame this on the way the MCU has changed what audiences expect from superhero movies, many fans of the movie can admit it has problems.

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Comic accuracy is a problem in some places as it pertains to Superman and Batman’s characters, but there are definitely aspects of the movie that do come straight from the comics. It makes the movie more fun for fans of the comic, even if they have other problems with the film.

10 Batman And Superman’s Mothers Are Indeed Both Named Martha

Batman v Superman's Martha moment

One of BvS‘s most panned scenes come toward the end. Superman, almost dead from Kryptonite poisoning, says the words, “Save Martha,” and Batman reacts by yelling, “Why did you say that name?” The scene is very silly but it does make thematic sense, especially since both of their mothers are named Martha, and Batman’s whole crusade is about keeping people from experiencing what he did.

In the comics, Batman and Superman’s mothers are both named Martha as well. It’s just a weird bit of coincidence that worked well for the movie, even if the scene can be played as a parody without any changes.

9 A Robin Is Killed By The Joker

Bruce Wayne Batman Looking At Jason Todd Dead Robin Suit With Joker Comments On It In Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

BvS‘s Batman is a much darker Batman and the movie reveals the reason behind that. Joker killed Robin at some point in the past and losing his partner drove Batman to greater and greater violence. This plot element is lifted from the comic storyline “A Death In The Family” where Joker murders Jason Todd, the second Robin, beating him with a crowbar and then blowing him up.

The DCEU established that the movie Robin wasn’t Todd but Dick Grayson, which many fans thought was a waste. While that does make this slightly different from the comic, it’s still accurate enough to get by.

8 The Trinity Works Well Together

The Original DCEU Trinity In Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice

batman vs superman, after burning out the titular conflict with the Martha scene, it becomes a team-up movie right before the end. Batman and Superman work together to stop Luthor’s plan until Doomsday attacks. At that point, Wonder Woman shows up and the three heroes team up against the monster.

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Much like in the comics, the Trinity make a great team, even in their first team-up. In the source material, Superman, Batman, and Wonder Woman are the best team in the DC Universe, working together almost instinctively. This plays out in the movie as well, as they gel very well as a team on their first outing.

7 Batman And Superman’s Early Relationship In The Comics Was Pretty Bad As Well At Times

BvS pivots on the relationship between the two characters, and their relationship is terrible. Bruce Wayne hates Superman because of the Battle of Metropolis and the destruction wrought on the people and Superman thinks that Batman is a mad dog who needs to be stopped. This eventually leads to the headline conflict before it’s resolved.

In the comics, Batman and Superman are the World’s Finest team, but it does take time for them to get there. While their relationship isn’t nearly as bad as in the movies, they definitely didn’t trust each other right off the bat.

6 Lois Lane Helping Save The Day Is The Most Lois Lane Thing Ever

lois batman v superman

Batman v Superman’s Lois Lane is kind of disappointing in a lot of ways. Lois Lane in the comics is a very interesting character, often times saving the day when no one else can, and she is often the most interesting person on the page. The movie rarely plays her this well, except towards the end of the movie, when she retrieves the Kryptonite spear that Superman uses to kill Doomsday.

Lois Lane putting herself in danger to help Superman save the day is the best thing that just about any live-action Lois has ever done and very comic accurate. Lois Lane in the comics isn’t a passive person and she’d do anything to help Superman.

5 Doomsday Is Kryptonian In Origin In The Comics

Doomsday in Batman v Superman

Doomsday is one of DC’s most powerful monsters and putting him in a Superman movie makes a lot of thematic sense. There are a lot of differences between the comic and movie versions, though, as movie Doomsday is the corpse of General Zod transformed by Kryptonian technology. However, the Kryptonian origins of Doomsday are comically accurate.

Doomsday, in the comics, was created by Kryptonian technology in the post-Crisis DC Universe, so that part of movie Doomsday’s origin is comic accurate. The movie Doomsday is definitely a modification of that.

4 Lex Luthor’s Hatred For Superman Is Very Comic Accurate

Over the years, the relationship between Superman and Lex Luthor has changed a lot. In modern DC continuity, Lex Luthor hates Superman for two reasons- the first and the one he talks about the most is that Superman’s powers makes human achievement seem less special and the second, and most telling, is that Superman makes him feel inferior.

These are also Lex’s motivations for hating Superman in the movie as well. Lex loves humanity because he’s a human and he feels he’s the best human. Superman puts that in Jeopardy, so Lex hates him. His reason for him in the movie is lifted whole cloth from the comics.

3 Batman Is Good At Making Kryptonite Weapons

batman v superman kryptonite spear

Kryptonite is Superman’s greatest weakness and as such is an important part of Batman v Superman. Batman gets his hands on some and makes a Kryptonite spear and other weapons from it. He proves to rather agree with it. While the spear definitely isn’t that hard to make, the Kryptonite gas grenades would be.

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BvS Batman’s ability to work with Kryptonite easily is something he shares with his comic version. It took much longer for Batman to weaponize it, instead just using it as a ring, in the comics but both versions are good with the ore.

two Superman Dies Fighting Doomsday

Zack Snyder's Justice League Superman Death

The Death Of Superman is a classic Superman story. Portions of it are used in BvS, often heavily modified, but both ended their death of Superman arc in the exact same way. Superman died killing Doomsday, ending his threat from him before it could destroy Metropolis. The circumstances are very different but the results are the same.

Batman and Wonder Woman weren’t a part of the comic and Superman didn’t use a Kryptonite spear. Both he and Doomsday died from the wounds from their long fight, not Kryptonite poisoning, and Superman dies from a punch from Doomsday, but it still ends up the same.

1 Batman’s Armor Comes Directly From The Dark Knight Returns

batman looks up

The Dark Knight Returns is one of DC’s most iconic stories. It’s plain to see that BvS director Zack Snyder and screenwriter David S. Goyer were heavily influenced by the comic, with everything from Batman’s characterization and age to the last battle between Batman and Superman taking cues from the comics. The most recognizable is Batman’s anti-Superman armor.

While some of the details are a bit different, Batman’s armor feels like it was lifted from the page and brought into the real world. It looks great on screen and many of its details, down to the gun Batman uses, are from the comic.

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