10 Best Ongoing Comics Perfect For New Readers

Getting into comics can be pretty daunting for a newcomer. Marvel and DC have decades of continuity to wade through and indies like Image and Boom have so much variety that it’s hard to know what to read. However, the great thing about comics is that there is one for everyone, whether it be standard superhero fare or something a little different.

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Now is a great time for a new fan to get into comics. There are so many amazing books out there and some of the best talents of all time are working right now. Ongoing comics can seem like an overwhelming undertaking, but some are easier to get into than others.

10 Night Of The Ghoul Is Perfect Atmospheric Horror

Scott Snyder is one of comics’ biggest writers and his Best Jackett Press books, published digitally by Comixology and in print by Dark Horse Comics, are all very good. The best of them is Night Of The Ghoul, where Snyder is joined by artist Francesco Francavilla. The book follows father and son, Forrest and Orson, as they hunt down an old horror movie and get more than they bargained for.

Snyder is a master of horror books and Francavilla’s art is perfect for this series. The horror comes from the atmospheric imagery. Francavilla’s art is the highlight and some of the best in comics right now. Only four issues in, now’s the right time to make the leap, especially with in-print copies coming soon.

9 Eternals Is One Of The Best Superhero Books Out There

Marvel likes to push its B- and C-list comics when they appear in the MCU and that’s how Eternals, by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Esad Ribić, came about. The Eternals have appeared on and off for decades but it’s safe to say that this is the best their book has ever been. Gillen does a great job of incorporating older story elements while still keeping everything accessible and action-packed.

Ribić’s pencilwork suits Gillen’s writing beautifully and Eternals is easily one of the top superhero books currently on shelves. There’s also not much to go back and read, as the book’s issue number hasn’t even hit double digits yet.

8 New Mutants Can Be Daunting But Rewarding

The X-Men books are always difficult for new readers, especially now in the interconnected Krakoa era. There are a few that are pretty new reader-friendly and the highest quality one is newmutants, by writer Vita Ayala and artist Rod Reis with various fill-in artists. While there’s a lot of history to most of the characters, Ayala does an amazing job of making sure readers don’t need to have much (if any) presupposed knowledge.

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With their first epic, “The Wild Hunt,” out of the way, Ayala has started a new story arc guest-starring long-time X-Men antagonist Madelyne Pryor, now making a perfect time for a new reader to jump on. Ayala is an amazing talent and every issue of New Mutants is a treat.

7 X-Men Is Junk Food In Comic Form

X Men, by writer Gerry Duggan and artists Pepe Larraz and Javier Pino, is perfect for a reader who doesn’t want to get bogged down too much. The short, single-issue story structure gives new readers a chance to get into things. While the book’s quality has definitely fallen since writer Jonathan Hickman left, as often happens when a writer leaves, X Men is still perfect for new readers.

There are very few overarching plot threads, the characterization is minimal, and most of the cast are well known. It’s empty calories but it tastes great, just like fast food. X Men is a good gateway book for fans interested in getting into the current mutant status quo.

6 Once And Future Is Arthurian Fantasy With A Modern Twist

Fantasy comics have a venerable reputation in the comic industry. Right now, the best current ongoing fantasy book is Eleven And Future, by writer Kieron Gillen and artist Dan Mora. Following Duncan, his grandmother Bridget, and girlfriend Rose as they try to keep King Arthur from ethnically cleansing the modern-day UK, the story has taken some amazing twists and turns.

As good as the fantasy, action, and characters are, Gillen is telling a story about stories and how they both affect and are affected by society. Once And Future is smart and entertaining. Dan Mora, working with colorist Tamra Bonvillain, gives the book amazing visuals that combine classic fantasy art with a power Rangers aesthetic that works better than it has any right to.

5 Superman: Son Of Kal-El Is Pure Superhero Goodness


Jon Kent has made a name for himself in recent years, capped off by taking over his father’s mantle in Superman: Son Of Kal-El, by writer Tom Taylor and artist John Timms with fill-in artists. Most well known because Jon came out as bi, it’s easily one of the most fun superhero books on the market, as Jon works to make the Superman name his own. The opening story arc was a revitalization of the Superman mythos, as Jon showed exactly what kind of Man of Steel he would be. Son Of Kal-El is a good old-fashioned superhero book with a 21st-century twist and never anything short of entertaining.

4 Wolverine Is A Cut Above The Rest

Wolverine is the best there is at what he does, and that’s starring in great comics. While the book is currently on hiatus like most of the X-Men line, wolverines, by writer Benjamin Percy and artist Adam Kubert along with fill-in artists, has been near the top of the heap in the X-Men line since it debuted and is very new reader-friendly.

Besides for a few crossovers with Percy’s X-Force, Wolverine mostly stays to itself. It also goes the short story route, working with one- to three-issue stories. Percy does a great job of explaining things for readers and the art is great, especially when the excellent Kubert is on. The book’s next arc guest stars Deadpool, which should be fun and make a perfect jumping-on point.

3 The Flash Is Must Read DC

The Flash Wally West Irey

Wally West is widely considered the best Flash and his return to the mantle is just what fans wanted. West now stars in Flash, by writer Jeremy Adams and artist Fernando Pasarin. Wally has long been a fan favorite and Adams is able to showcase why in every issue, while also proving that the West family – Wally’s wife Linda and their kids Irey and Jai – are the best supporting cast in comics.

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Flash hits all the sweet spots. It has great action, an entertaining hero, a stellar supporting cast, and amazing art. Adams’ run has been very impressive so far and shows no signs of letting up.

two Nightwing Is The Best Superhero Book On The Market

Nightwing’s rise in quality since writer Tom Taylor took over has been amazing. It went from one of the most lackluster DC books to the best superhero book on the stands, month in and month out. Joined by artist Bruno Redondo and various fill-in artists, Taylor took Dick Grayson back to basics, teaming him with Barbara Gordon and an adorable puppy named Hailey. Oh, and made him a billionaire to boot. This little twist has changed things for Dick, but he’s still Bludhaven’s greatest hero. Taylor is using a lot of one-and-done issues throughout his run, making it new reader-friendly, and the art is killer. Each new issue of Nightwing is better than the last.

1 Saga Is The Best Gateway Comic On The Stands

Prince Robot and son shooting a bow and arrow

Every generation has a gateway comic, one that hooks non-comic readers and makes them fans. This generation’s gateway book is Saga, by writer Brian K. Vaughan and artist Fiona Staples. Just returned from a long hiatus, it’s easily the biggest indie book on the market and one of the best comics period.

While there’s a steep barrier to entry, Saga’s previous volumes are easy to find and affordable. It’s an amazing sci-fi epic pivoting on the actions of one family, with all of the emotion that entails, and is rarely anything less than perfect.

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