10 Green Lantern Comics Every John Stewart Fan Should Read

Created by Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams in 1971, John Stewart first appeared in Green Lantern Vol.2 #87. John is the heart and soul of the Green Lantern Corps. He was originally an architect with a mind focused on the details, which made him perfectly suited to wield a weapon that creates objects from the wearer’s imagination.

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John also served as a US Marine. He’s familiar with tactical combat and knows how to lead others. Conversely, Hal Jordan acts on instinct and relies on his strong will to win, whereas John is more calculating and patient and has a will that outlasts his enemies. John’s attention to detail and compassion for others is what makes him a great leader in the Green Lantern Corps.

10 First Appearance In Green Lantern Vol.2 #87

John Stewart Never Had A Secret Identity

After an earthquake results in Guy Gardner sustaining injuries, the Guardians insist that a replacement Green Lantern is selected in the meantime. As a result, John Stewart is selected to replace Guy Gardner. John immediately rejects the domino mask, proud to show his face and be a hero in public. Hal and John’s way of heroics clash, especially when John refuses to follow Hal’s orders from him.

This issue establishes the friction between the Green Lanterns of Earth. They don’t always see eye to eye; however, John has proven he’s intelligent and observant and plenty brave enough to wear the power ring.

9 John Replaces Hal Jordan

John Stewart

In Green Lantern Vol.2 issues #182 and #183, Hal gives up his green power ring and the Guardians choose John Stewart to be his successor. Although John has wielded a power ring before, these issues solidify him as a permanent Green Lantern.

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John proves he’s deserving of the ring when he’s forced to battle Major Disaster. At the end of the issue, Hal sees John’s heroics on TV and wishes he’d never given up the ring. Although John would later accomplish more than most other Green Lanterns, it’s fun to read some of his earliest adventures.

8 John Makes His Biggest Mistake In Cosmic Odyssey

John Stewart discovers a yellow bomb

During the cosmic odyssey miniseries, John Stewart grows increasingly overconfident in his abilities. While pursuing an avatar of the Anti-Life Equation, John and Martian Manhunter travel to the planet Xanshi. While there, John pursues the avatar alone, stating he doesn’t need J’onn’s help. Unfortunately, the bomb the avatar created was yellow and therefore impervious to John’s power ring.

The bomb destroys the entire planet and leaves John with immeasurable guilt. This catastrophic event traumatized John for years. Later stories would often call back to John’s mistake of him on Xanshi. Because John is a man who makes few mistakes, those he does make are memorable and devastating.

7 John Becomes A Guardian Of The Universe In Green Lantern: Mosaic

John Stewart becomes a Guardian

Hal Jordan once joined with the Spectre, Kyle Rayner, and once merged with the power of Ion, the Entity of Will, and even Sinestro merged with Parallax. However, none of them can claim to have been declared an official Guardian of the Universe.

in the Green Lantern: Mosaic miniseries, John Stewart becomes the “Master Builder” of a series of small planets brought to Oa. Because of his strong leadership and organizational skills, John becomes the first mortal Guardian until Hal Jordan’s Parallax destroys the Guardians and the Corps’ Central Power Battery.

6 John Returns As Earth’s Green Lantern

Green Lantern

Kyle Rayner leaves the planet in John Stewart’s hands while he travels the universe. As a result, John spends Green Lantern Vol.3 #156 tracking down criminals and saving the lives of smuggled immigrants. He plays chess with Alan Scott and discusses whether he’s truly ready to become a Green Lantern again, to which Alan simply smiles and says, “You’ll be fine.”

At the end of the issue, John meets a woman and introduces himself as Green Lantern, also using his full name. He says he’s filling in for the other Lantern, which she thinks is cool, and he can’t help but agree.

5 Haunted By His Past Mistakes In Blackest Night

John Stewart

when the Blackest Night event began, John Stewart was in the worst possible place at the worst possible time. John had flown out into space to pay respects to those who’d died when the planet Xanshi was destroyed. While there, John witnessed thousands of black power rings resurrect the dead.

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Since the events of cosmic odyssey, John has battled with the guilt of Xanshi. Faced with the very tangible threat of the Xanshi Black Lanterns, John overcomes his guilt from him and finally accepts that the planet’s destruction was not his fault from him. Amidst the grand scale of Blackest Nightthere are several strong character-building moments.

4 John Embodies Compassion In “War Of The Green Lanterns”

war of the green lanterns 2 to 1

In “War of the Green Lanterns,” the Central Power Battery has been corrupted, which infects all Green Lantern power rings connected to it. Hal, Guy, Kyle and John are forced to ditch their green power rings in favor of new ones from other Lantern Corps.

Kyle chooses blue for hope; Guy chooses red for rage; Hal chooses yellow for fear, and John chooses indigo for compassion. John is a born leader – not because he knows how to give orders, but because he cares about every single person who follows him. The Earth Lanterns choose their colors but also embody what those colors represent, proving why they perfectly fit their characters.

3 Leading The Lost Army Of Lanterns

Green Lantern John Stewart Guardian 3

Green Lantern: Lost Army was a six-issue miniseries written by Cullen Bunn. After Hal Jordan became a renegade and took the fall for all the wrongs of the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps, most of the Corps found themselves stranded in deep, unknown space. John Stewart had to lead this large group of Lanterns back to civilization.

The series flashes back to John’s time in the military and draws parallels between his time fighting on Earth and his time leading the Green Lantern Corps. Lost Army proves why John deserves to lead the Corps.

two Leading The Green Lantern Corps

In 2016, DC rebranded its line of books with the Rebirth banner, setting all books back to #1. However, the rebranding didn’t mean a total reboot of the universe. The events of Green Lantern and Lost Army carried over into the new series, Hal Jordan & The Green Lantern Corps.

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In the absence of the Green Lanterns, the Sinestro Corps assumed the roles of guardians of the universe and ruled through fear. Through Hal and Guy’s determination and John’s careful planning, the Green Lanterns return to defeat Sinestro.

1 Working With The Sinestro Corps In “Bottled Light”

The Green and Yellow Lanterns team up

After Sinestro was seemingly destroyed and Hal Jordan went missing, Soranik Natu became the new leader of the Sinestro Corps. To avoid following in her father’s footsteps from her, Soranik purposed an alliance between the Yellow Lanterns and the Green Lanterns. Most Lanterns on both sides opposed the idea, but John Stewart accepted and the two Corps formed a partnership.

They worked together, pairing Lanterns from different Corps. Although the alliance ultimately failed, the fact that John was willing to give it a try proved he was a compassionate leader who wanted to give people second chances.

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