10 Most Unlikely Teams In DC Comics

Team-ups and partnerships have always been a part of superhero comics, and DC is no exception. Some of these teams have become incredibly famous and popular, such as The Legion of Super-Heroes, the Suicide Squad, or the Justice League. Most of these teams and partnerships have made perfect sense, matching together heroes or villains with a similar goal, a common enemy, or a complementary set of skills and powers.

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However, not all these teams make quite as much sense. Sometimes, strange circumstances or unprecedented threats push together some pretty unlikely teams. Sometimes those circumstances are a writing team experimenting with different combinations of characters, or sometimes the story takes them there. Unlikely teams are always interesting.

10 Batman Worked With TMNT In A Weird Crossover

Batman and the TMNT

Things always get a little weird in crossover events, and DC has fully embraced this weirdness. Perhaps one of the most unlikely crossovers put together Batman and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, in Batman/Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles by James Tynion IV and Freddie Williams II. The Turtles find themselves transported to Gotham where they soon meet Batman and some of his enemies. After a brief fight, Batman and the Turtles team up to take on Shredder. Unlikely, but definitely a lot of fun, and a great spin on some much-loved characters.

9 The New Gods And Darkseid Are Unlikely Allies

cosmic odyssey

The New Gods and Darkseid have been at war with each other ever since their creation, which is not that surprising when you take into account that Darkseid wants to take over the universe. However, during Jim Starlin and Mike Mignola’s cosmic odysseythis unlikely alliance did happen.

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New Genesis and Apokolips untied to retrieve elements of the Anti-Life Equation. The New Gods called on other heroes, including Superman, Batman, and Martian Manhunter to help them. These heroes weren’t thrilled to be working alongside Darkseid, but strangely, everyone seemed to get along. Until, that is, Darkseid betrayed everyone. Ofcourse.

8 The Bizarro League Are Just…Bizarre

Bizarro is the mirror image of Superman. Where Superman is good, Bizarro is evil. Instead of heat vision, Bizarro has freeze vision. Superman has a big problem with green kryptonite, but for Bizarro, it’s blue. All Superman’s traits are flipped with Bizarro. Not satisfied with being the anti-Superman, Bizarro decided to create his own version of the Justice League, with flipped versions of other heroes, including Bizarro Flash, Yellow Lantern, and Batzarro. This strange team, based entirely on being the opposite of the main heroes, was a pretty thin idea, and a pretty unlikely team.

7 Why Did The Lower Five Want To Be Heroes?

The original lower five

The Inferior Five, including Awkwardman, Dumb Bunny, and the Blimp, were a parody superhero team created by Nelson Bridwell and Joe Orlando. The idea was that each of the characters were the children of the members of the Freedom Brigade. While the parody was fun, with early issues seeing the team face off against Marvel parodies including Brute Brainard and the Egg’s Men, you do have to wonder what prompted these less than skilled heroes to team up in the first place, and why nobody stopped them .

6 Who Would Call The Hero Hotline?

If you were in trouble in the DC Universe, you’d probably seek out the Justice League for help, right? You could do that, or you could call an 800 number and get help from the somewhat mediocre Hero Hotline. Great.

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The Hero Hotline team is largely forgotten, perhaps because their only stand-out feature was the fact they had an 800 number and a thinly veiled Ghostbusters rip-off for a tagline. Who is calling the Hero Hotline? This team is pretty unlikely, mostly because it’s tough to imagine anyone choosing to call their hotline when better, more famous heroes exist.

5 The Justice League Of Antarctica Were A Joke. literally

Justice League of Antarctica

Justice League Antarctica was meant to be a joke, and not a real part of the Justice League, and yet somehow it found its way into being thought of as an actual team. The crew was led by Major Disaster and had a line-up of villains known for being less than effective, including Clock King, Mighty Bruce, the Scarlet Skier, and Cluemaster. With a line-up like this, this team was bound to be a disaster waiting to happen, so you have to wonder why on earth they become an official international Justice League team? Thankfully, Maxwell Lord shut them down, and most of the members ended up joining the Suicide Squad, dead, or both.

4 The Suicide Squad Is Unstable

Deadshot Harley Suicide Squad feature

The Suicide Squad might be one of DC’s most famous and beloved teams, but it’s still pretty unlikely. The members are forced to join up, thanks to bombs implanted in their necks, which seems like something that wouldn’t slow down your average DC villain, and yet somehow, it does. The team was put together for less than savory missions, intended to be dealt with quickly, and with little regard for how many of the team members end up dead. It seems strange that these otherwise tough characters keep allowing this to happen to them. The team is also pretty unstable, with even the strongest members being unreliable and unpredictable.

3 The Metal Men All Had The Same Power


Usually, a team is put together with heroes (or villains) with different powers, so different members are able to complete different tasks, and be more powerful as a whole than apart. If all the members have the same powerset, this is a combination that doesn’t really work and should be pretty unlikely. That didn’t stop classic team the Metal Men, a team of metal robots named Gold, Platinum, Lead, Iron, Mercury, Tin, and Copper. The team had slightly varying abilities to match their metals, but their powerset is essentially the same. They also all have the same weakness. Not the smartest idea. It’s no surprise that the modern era doesn’t have much love for the Metal Men.

two The Outsiders Are Yet Another Team Connected To Batman

Batman and the Outsiders Cropped

Batman is known to be a solitary, brooding hero who doesn’t make friends easily or really trust anybody. With that in mind, it’s already somewhat unlikely that he would be connected to so many teams, such as the Justice League, the Bat-Family, and the Batmen of All Nations. It’s even more unlikely that he would set up yet another team, but that’s exactly what the Dark Knight did.

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The Outsiders were a team set up by Batman after his links with the Justice League became strained. Batman eventually went back to the League but did reunite with the Outsiders, gifting them with the use of a Batcave in LA. There have been several versions of this team, all closely tied to the Bat-Family. They were even led by Nightwing for a while. Readers have to ask, how many teams does one loner bat need?

1 What Would Make Superman Work With Lex Luthor?

Superman would never team up with his enemy, Lex Luthor, right? Wrong! In Superman #164 by Edmond Hamilton and Curt Swan, this unlikely team-up was formed in order to save a planet. At first, Luthor is his usual scheming self, trying to coax Superman onto a planet where his powers will be sapped by the red sun. However, when they arrive, things change. The inhabitants of the planet hail Luthor as a hero and he promises to help find a water source. He does fight Superman, but surrenders, and asks Superman to bring some ice to the planet to act as the water source he promised. Suprised, Superman realizes that Luthor surrendered in order to get Superman to help, making them unlikely and short-lived allies.

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