20-50-100 Years Ago — March 9 | News

The dragnet thrown around the county, and reaching into Baltimore and Washington, is swiftly closing around the thirty armed men who raided the Government warehouse at the Outerbridge Horsey (Distillery) Company Inc., at Burkittsville, Md., early yesterday morning during a heavy wind and rainstorm. Twenty-five or thirty officers, internal revenue representatives, prohibition enforcement agents, county and state police are scouring the countryside running down clues, which LS Evans, general agent, of Washington, believes will net half a dozen arrests within the next 24 hours. Two men are now in custody, William Haines, a farmer, near New London, and his farm laborer, Steven Miller. Twenty-one barrels of whiske and were discovered late yesterday afternoon in the stables of the Haines’ barn, buried under hay and straw in box stalls. Earlier in the morning, 17 barrels of whiskey were found in an abandoned truck near Jefferson.

Additional legislation pertaining to Frederick county was included in the routine proceedings of the General Assembly during Tuesday’s session. One bill the Senate passed gives the women of Emmitsburg the right to vote in municipal elections. To give the women of Walkersville equal rights in voting at municipal elections and holding office is the purpose of a bill introduced in the House by Delegate Parsons Newman, this city.

ANNAPOLIS, MD. — The House of Delegates voted Wednesday to challenge Maryland’s 121-year-old ban on lotteries. The action will give voters the opportunity to decide in November whether Maryland will join the growing list of states turning to the lottery as a way of raising revenues.

Beginning in the 1972-73 academic year, Frederick County will have a new independent, interdenominational private day school, if present plans can be implemented. Under the plan, St. John’s High will be renamed Prospect Hall and will be operated by a lay board of trustees. It will be financially independent of the parish and the Archdiocese, and open to students of all faiths.

ANNAPOLIS — Maryland’s next governor will get a $30,000 pay raise, the first increase in salary since 1991 when it was set at $120,000 a year. The increase, which will be spread out over four years, was proposed by a commission that meets every four years to recommend pay scales for top state elected officials.

A debate over public funding for more Angels in the Architecture murals is taking shape at Frederick City Hall, with a public hearing and possible vote scheduled in two weeks. At stake is the city’s $100,000 contribution for two downtown murals, including a “realityscape” on the east wall of the refurbished Francis Scott Key Hotel that would be the largest and most ambitious artwork in the series.

Jose Beijing was in his tent listening to Christian radio one cold night in November when the announcer started talking about a contest being held by the International Society of Poets. Mr. Beijing, who has lived in a tent in Knoxville for about a year, got out his pen and started writing poetry by the light of a battery-powered Coleman lantern. A few days later he walked with his four dogs to the Brunswick library and submitted a poem for the contest. His poem by him made it into the contest semifinals. He also received an invitation to the society’s annual poetry conference in Orlando.


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