5 Powerful Quotes About Self Love That’ll Inspire You To Celebrate Women’s Day 365 Days A Year

Come 8th of March and social media units to celebrate womanhood, we’re showered with “Happy Women’s Day” texts, and malls are packed with special discounts.

We’re not complaining.

But why limit the celebration of women, sisterhood and their tremendous hustle to just one day? The way we look at it, International Women’s Day not only celebrates all of us lovely women, but also serves as a reminder that ‘everyday is ours’!


So we decided to jot down 5 powerful quotes that will motivate you to love yourself a little more, and celebrate your magic on not one, but 365 days a year.

1) “Women in particular need to keep an eye on their physical and mental health, because if we’re scurrying to and from appointments and errands, we don’t have a lot of time to take care of ourselves. We need to do a better job of putting ourselves higher on our own ‘to do’ list.”

-Michelle Obama

2) “It’s very important to take care of yourself. Everyone’s lives are so busy. Take at least an hour a day to recharge and do whatever makes you better. For grown-ups, whether it’s a spa, sitting in a park with a book, or coffee, take time for yourself.”

– Anna Ivanović


3) “If you don’t make the choices in your own life, then someone else is going to end up making them for you and they are not gonna be good.”

– James Altucher

4) “Always choose yourself first. Women are very socialized to choose other people. If you put yourself first, it’s this incredible path you can forge for yourself.”

-Rebecca Traister


5) “You don’t need to live to meet other’s expectations. Live for yourself, love yourself, and do not let them tell you that it is selfish.”

– Mridula Singh

Inspired much?

It’s important that we, as women, put ourselves first. With a world of responsibilities on our shoulders and the urge to excel at them all – we forget to pamper ourselves.

Palmolive’s latest campaign #SAYYESTOYOU wants us to realize that everyday is women’s day, a chance to say yes to what makes our soul happy, and embrace everything that makes us smile.

So don’t overthink it and embrace self-love by taking the first step to pamper yourself. Begin by indulging in a luxurious face care regimen from Palmolive that is made with nature’s choicest ingredients.


Office work, household chores, relationships, social commitments, and the inexplicable need to please everyone – all these things are only second to “self love”. Never hesitate to prioritize yourself or to voice your opinion. You do you, ladies. And always remember, self love is not selfish.


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