9 Things Fans Want To See, According To Reddit

Flash is one of the most anticipated films set to release in 2022. After years of production delays and numerous director changes, the film will finally come out this coming November.

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With Ezra Miller reprising their role star as Barry Allen, many fans, especially on Reddit, are excited to see what villain they would be facing and if there could be any other surprising cameos starring alongside them too. The users on Reddit are also intrigued to see what the main storyline will be about, with many putting forwards their own hopes and unique ideas. Hopefully, it will live up to their expectations and prove to be as enjoyable as everyone believes it to be.

9 Barry Allen As An Independent


The CW has had huge success with Flash television series (which is in its eighth season since its premiere in 2014). However, one thing that fans have criticized in recent seasons is the lack of independence with the show’s version of Barry Allen as he works with a team of friends and family.

For Reddit u/Mass2424, they say they “don’t want the team dynamic anymore” in a Reddit conversation comparing the television series and the upcoming Flash movie. While not always a bad thing in the context of the show, sometimes it can be overwhelming to see too many heroes next to the star. Despite other superheroes set to star in Flashit will be a breath of fresh air to see Barry Allen do a lot of the work on his own rather than rely on other people’s help too much.

8 Familiar Faces From Other Earths

Michael Shannon as General Zod in Man of Steel

With the multiverse concept set to take center stage in Flashthis is the perfect opportunity to introduce alternate versions of current DCEU characters on other Earths. Spider-Man: No Way Home recently similarly did this with several familiar faces from other realities coming into the MCU.

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General Zod and Faora-Ul from 2014’s Man of Steel are slated to return in Flash, but given that they’re both dead in the DCEU, it could be alternate versions in the film. As Reddit user generalZD writes “It might be a different Zod from another timeline,” which is another possibility with time travel playing a big role in the film’s main story as well.


7 A Respectable Flashpoint Adaptation

The Flash Running In Flashpoint

Flash film will feature an altered adaptation of the infamous Flashpoint storyline from the comics. Flashpoint is one of the best Flash comics since the 2010s and is very popular among loyal fans of the character, with Reddit user Affectionate-Pie2689 reiterating the story’s importance saying, “Flashpoint can be a very heart touching movie if done right because the story is about grief and loss.”

Although the film will be altering the well-known storyline, fans want to see it done in a way that’s respectable and keeps elements from the original Flashpoint.

6 Make Barry Allen More Likable

Ezra Miller as Flash in his office.

Ezra Miller’s first appearance as Barry Allen/The Flash in Justice League received a mixed response from fans as their portrayal was a younger and more immature version of the character. When asked about what Flash needs to get right for fans to like it, MikeX1000 on Reddit writes “Just make Barry Allen more likable than he is in the DCEU so far.”

So far, Barry Allen has been a more free-spirited and unserious superhero, which is seen as a deviation from the character. Most DCEU fans enjoyed Miller’s performance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League in comparison to the theatrical cut, so given the expected story of Flashfans should expect to see a more focused and likeable Barry Allen.

5 The Flash’s Rogues Gallery

Flash's rogues' gallery in the comics

The Flash has always had a strong collection of comic book villains that are often referred to as The Rogues. With villains such as Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold, and Mirror Master as members, he has one of the deepest rosters of villains in DC comics.

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Flash television series leaned heavily into the character’s rogue gallery in its early seasons, which helped the show’s reputation grow rapidly. While the upcoming film isn’t expected to feature The Rogues as its main villain, it would certainly excite fans if they are referenced, with Reddit user tsrqponml hoping “Captain Cold, Zoom, Grodd, or Mirror Master” will make an appearance alongside some “other rogues.” Hopefully, The Rogues get hinted so they can be saved for future usage in any potential sequels.

4 The Flash Can’t Be Overshadowed

One of the biggest selling points for Flash is that the film will feature Ben Affleck’s Batman, newcomer Sasha Calle as Supergirl, and Michael Keaton reprising his iconic Batman role from Tim Burton’s Batman films. However, some fans feel that The Flash might be overshadowed by his superhero co-stars.

As Reddit user OmegaCenturion1 says “It’s a Batman and pals movie, at least that’s all people care to talk about.” While it hasn’t been stated how big of a role the three superheroes will play when the film comes out, it’s understandable why some people have concerns about the Batmen and Supergirl being too involved in the main plot.

3 Introduce The Flash Family

Having a new character take over the mantle is a recurring cliche in comics for The Flash. There have been several characters to be called the superhero name and as a collective they are referred to as The Flash Family, often working together in the process.

As Reddit Blue-Engine-Edward writes “I’d love it if Jay Garrick showed up” in a Reddit conversation about the film. Having multiple speedsters working together with Barry Allen is always a lot of fun in DC comic books and other media. Fans would love it if Flash subtly establishes the roots for the other speedsters to show up in other DCEU films or series’ moving forward.

two A Well Written Screenplay

Flash has had several directors, writers, and cast changes over the past couple of years. Situations like this often result in red flags as so many different people have had an input on the production process. However, for Reddit u/Henryk_Spark, they just want to see “a good written flash story,” which is a common opinion among the DC fandom.

For a character like The Flash, a strong screenplay has to be at the top of the list as far as importance goes because there’s so much to impact with the character. The film’s screenplay is written by Christina Hodson who has found recent success with her work de ella on Bumblebee and most recently, birds of preyso there are high hopes that she will build on her success with Flash.

1 Build Towards Something In The DCEU

the flash, ezra miller

By far the biggest issue in the DCEU over the past decade has been a lack of direction when it comes to the universe’s future. Several projects have been canceled or delayed over the years along with several issues within Warner Bros’ management in general, leaving fans frustrated about what exactly their plan is (which is why Reddit user dontwrryboutme believes the DC movies have to “build towards something greater” ).

Luckily, the DCEU has a chance to set things right with Flash, as the film can be used as an opportunity to create the exact timeline they want to utilize moving forward through plot elements. The DCEU will likely be unable to compete with the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s consistency at this point, but Flash is their best shot to ease the fandom’s frustration and concerns if they build towards something bigger after the film’s release.

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