Author Peter Jenvay’s new book “Suspended” is a captivating novel that contemplates the dark side of human existence, despite humanity’s great potential

Peter Jenvay, author of “Life and the Sudden Death of Salt Peter,” has completed his new book “Suspended”: a gripping and potent novel that highlights the way that humanity celebrates the heroes, honors the victims, condemns the agents of terror in the name of seeking justice, and yet within all that, questions why everyone is so divided.

Author Peter Jenvay takes readers into the world of his story, writing, “It was early in the morning, just as the sun was announcing its arrival in the east—May 3. The first day of many I’ll never be able to forget . I wanted to get an early start on a fence-building project at Dr. Whitaker’s home on Elm Street, just off-campus. Dr. Whitaker is a professor of literature at Rimmerton College, and to me, one of his former students of him, he is now simply Rik—short for Emerik. That familiarity in no way implies any lack of respect. I have brought a much-needed clarity to my life that extended beyond the curriculum. The relationship is simple: We care about each other. It was on that Wednesday morning that I was walking down Market Street, heading toward Elm, when a car approached me on the other side of the street. He was traveling at high speed—not uncommon in these parts—and suddenly began swerving and seemed to be out of control. Though he was still about a hundred yards away, I was afraid he might hit me. As I moved to the extreme right on my northbound side, the car suddenly swerved to its right and landed on its side in the shallow ditch, tearing up a good portion of the roadside.”

Published by Page Publishing, Peter Jenvay’s contemplative work explores thought-provoking questions including, “Why is it so difficult for the inhabitants of this earth to give way to goodness?” and, “What would we risk to seek justice and defend innocence?”

Readers who wish to experience this engaging work can purchase “Suspended” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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