Author Sue Houle’s new book “Spirits” is a beautiful collection of photographs that have captured both the worldly and supernatural.

Sue Houle, an Emmy Award-winning photojournalist who has documented wild-life and native groups in various regions around the world, has completed her new book “Spirits”: a stirring assortment of stories and photographs that bring to life mystical beings alongside the natural world.

“From the photographs in the following pages, I propose to make these delightful beings as much a reality for you as I can,” writes Houle. “It is best that I try at the outset to make it clear why I have some special advantages for this project. I have never been discouraged in my observations of the invisible worlds as a child as my mother was a psychic and in later years she developed my seership with an enlightened master called Rama for a period of nine years. In my travels as a writer and photojournalist, I met many people who have this ability to peer into the invisible world but were afraid to discuss it for fear of ridicule. For this and other reasons, the not uncommon power among children to see them, has in me persisted. Then I had the good fortune of connecting with working psychics when I arrived in California from Boston over twenty-seven years ago through the medium of photography. Therefore, what I have here set down is not the imagination of an isolated child. It is information and visual proof gathered from many contacts and conversations with psychics and my involvement and study with the invisible kingdoms from around the world in perfectly natural circumstances, however unusual.”

Published by Page Publishing, Sue Houle’s charming photos will delight readers who are open enough to see the mysteries of the world and the spirits that have existed since the beginning. Houle presents a surreal collection that manages to capture the beauty of nature while exposing the magic that surrounds each living being.

Readers who wish to experience this fantastical work can purchase “Spirits” at bookstores everywhere, or online at the Apple iTunes Store, Amazon, Google Play, or Barnes and Noble.

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