Can you guess which quote belongs to each actress?



It was pretty hard but I believe that I did a very good job

9/11 I was right on two guesses (#4 and #7), and wrong on two guesses (#2 and #10). Guess where I learned that Bette Davis quote. From her Find-a-grave page of her. I was reading about her family life of her and ended up there.

8/11. Mostly guesses. 🤷‍♀️


Whatever ones I got right were guesses. For that matter, so were the ones I got wrong.

6/11. Man I’ve been away to long.

I’ve been here and you did better than me.

btw Snickers, welcome back and I hope you are doing well.

9/11! I can’t believe I got this many right, when I didn’t even know who said what! I guess you can say I basically guessed and got most of them right!

Ok, since you didn’t say it I will. They should do a quiz of “who said it” quotes from Gomer Pyle USMC.

Yeah, they should! Actually, I sent them an email about it, and I’m hoping they make one soon!

9/11 Missed 2 & 8. 70 is the new fifty? hmm…

Don’t quote me… but I got 5 out of 11…

8/11 … the only one that I was sure of was Bette Davis.

10/11. Missed #2.

OK, before I take the quiz: I read the questions and I don’t know any of the answers.
Now, let’s take some guesses: Bette Davis.

8/11 The only ones I knew were 3 and 5, the rest were guesses. Interesting perhaps.

“Eleven guesses; eight successes.” Big3Fan

8/11 missed 2,9,11

Well that was different. We need more of these kinds of quizzes.

Love the flag. 🇺🇦

8/11. Some fun surprises.

7/11. Fun Quiz.


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