Fantasy Suites bring drama for Clayton Echard, Gabby, Susie and Rachel in Iceland

Happy International Women’s Day, everyone. Let’s celebrate by watching three women get their hearts broken over what might be one of the strangest concepts I have ever beheld: Fantasy Suites. Can you feel my apathy?

Full disclosure here: I’m not interested in the scandalous and/or physical aspects of tonight’s episode. Physical intimacy is a part of relationships, yes, but I really only care about what tonight’s events means for Clayton Echard and these women going forward.

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We’ve reached the point in the season where emotions are very intense and the question of full commitment now comes into play. There’s real stakes here beyond silly games and staged therapy. With only three women left, Clayton now finds himself in three real relationships that will hurt and ebb and flow like normal ones. The biggest difference is that he is embarking on them all at once — and that dynamic is tricky to navigate. Someone is going to get hurt, and he seems to only just now be realizing it.

Heck, one of those hurt at the end of this all might include him.

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Let’s dive in!

Clayton and the three remaining ladies (pictured from left, Gabby, Rachel and Susie) travel to beautiful Reykjavik, Iceland, where they each enjoy passionate dates filled with all the awe-inspiring landscapes, all the romance the country has to offer.

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Clayton, as he travels to Iceland, hopes that the overnight dates in Iceland will give him clarity in his three relationships — before revealing that he thinks he might already be in love with Susie.

Meanwhile, Gabby, Susie and Rachel bond over their shared nerves over the days to come, and the shared awkwardness over having to essentially share someone they are all falling in love with. The fantasy suites will be no cameras: uninterrupted time with Clayton, with no eyes watching (like normal dating).

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