FriesenPress gets into publishing and distribution of audiobooks

FriesenPress announced it has now started to provide audiobook production and distribution services to independent and self-publishing authors, the company revealed in a press release. FriesenPress said the authors will have the option to narrate their own book if they so wish to and from their own location though the process involves collaborating with a producer in real-time. That apart, there is always the option to seek the services of professional narrators for the job for which FriesenPress has a ready pool of experienced voice narrators.

With the recording done, experts get to the job of editing, mixing, and mastering the source recording before it is distributed to different audiobook platforms like Audible or Apple Books. In fact, authors have the option to make available the audiobook thus created to around 50 such audiobook selling platforms as per the author’s preference. The audiobooks produced will continue to be owned entirely by the authors and will also get to earn the highest possible royalty from the sale of each audiobook.

“As with our editing and illustrations processes, we believe that professional quality audio production should be available to all authors, not just the traditionally published with huge budgets,” says Riley Blott, Director of Sales and Marketing at FriesenPress. “Audiobooks are the fastest-growing format in the publishing industry and this phenomenon shows no sign of subsiding; our team of employee owners couldn’t be more excited about the potential that audio holds for our many authors.”

FriesenPress is unique in that it is entirely owned by the employees and is the only publishing services provider in the world to be so operated. It was only last year that it celebrated the twin milestones of its 12 anniversary while also publishing its 7000th unique title as well. Now, its foray into the publishing and distribution of audiobooks in 2022 will help the company get a foothold on the audiobook scene which happens to be the fastest growing in the publishing segment.

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