How A Friends Connection Helped Courteney Cox Land Her Newest TV Role

Courteney Cox is staying plenty busy these days. She recently reprized her scream role in the franchise’s newest installment and, now, she leads Starz’s newest series, Shining Vale. It provides Cox with a meaty role, and it turns out a surprising friends connection helped her land the gig.

form friends writer Jeff Astrof created Shining Vale and recently spoke about casting Courteney Cox in the lead. Astrof explained to THR that he was looking for the perfect person to play the part and was ultimately led to a decision after receiving an unexpected phone call:

My phone range and [the caller] said, ‘Jeff, it’s Courteney.’ I said, ‘Courteney, who?’ She said, ‘Cox.’ I reminded her that the last time we spoke, there weren’t even cell phones. She said, ‘Listen, I just read your script, and it was written for me. I have to do it. This is my heart. I know what it’s like to be a mother. I know what it is like to be at this age. I know what it’s like to suffer like this. She she’s a powerhouse.

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