Jersey City writer’s co-edited ‘The Medusa Project’ is headed to the moon

When Megha Sood does something, she throws herself into it wholeheartedly. The nearly 14-year Jersey City resident is a poet, blogger and editor who pivoted four years ago from a career in business intelligence and data-based programming. Now, her poetry and poetry she’s co-edited are going to the moon. Literally.

As part of the Lunar Codex project’s third phase, the Polaris Collection, UK-based journal Mookychick’s “The Medusa Project” will be among the work going to the moon in the form of a digital payload in a time capsule, set to head to the Lunar South Pole in the fall of 2023 via SpaceX, as NASA sends equipment to the moon ahead of a planned astronaut return in 2024.

Four years ago, Sood started a blog on WordPress, and within three months of publishing poems there, she said, her poems were being picked up by a feminist journal based in Philadelphia. That snowballed into Sood joining their literary collective and others, along with submitting her work to socially-conscious writing anthologies.

“Social awareness was the primary goal of my writing, so my idea was to write for social issues and not only to raise awareness around these issues but also to educate myself,” Sood said. “Because back in India, I used to be like, ‘Not everything happens to you,’ but then there are some issues which are around you and you grow up with them and subconsciously you know that these things are happening. But then when I got the chance and a kind of took a step back from my active career and I started wandering in the community and I started writing, (work about these things) kind of poured out of me.

The titles of Sood’s chapbook from Finishing Line Press “My Body is Not an Apology” and full-length collection from FlowerSong Press “My Body Lives Like a Threat” encapsulate a big theme in her work – body politics.

“It does cover body-shaming and issues in the patriarchal society but then it also encompasses the issues which are related to body politics. For example, the body of a woman is seen as a threat. The body of a person of color, the body of an immigrant, the body of a refugee is seen as a threat. I have written on a myriad of issues from gun violence to the effect of toxic political culture of a country on its people.”

Sood joined Mookychick in 2022 as an associate poetry editor. “The same year we thought of doing something special for women in the month of March,” Sood said, “because 2020 was also the 100-year anniversary of the Woman Suffrage Movement which lead to the 19th Amendment of the US Constitution allowing women to vote. We wanted to celebrate the milestone year, so we thought of doing a call-out for this anthology which is women-centric and the women can actually write about not only their struggles in life but also their successes and breaking the glass ceiling in the form of an anthology.”

That electronic anthology, which features poetry and art, is free to download at

As the anthology came to fruition late last year, Sood caught wind of the Lunar Codex project from Dr. Samuel Peralta, a Canadian physicist, author and filmmaker. “He’s basically working with NASA and SpaceX in curating the works of 6,000-plus creatives and the works of one AI and they are going to send the works of creative works in three different digital payloads to the moon,” Sood said. “I reached out to him and then out of the various books that I have been part of he basically selected ‘The Medusa Project’ to be included as a digital payload, so that’s how the whole thing came into fruition.”

There was a period where Peralta opened up submissions more extensively. That was for the second phase of the project, now finished.

“Space and the moon are, as they say, the future of humanity, so they want to send the scientific instruments for exploration but they also want to represent the richness in the culture, and that’s how they’re representing it,” Sood said . “It’s a symbolic way of sending art and literature as a snapshot of what the Earth represents.”

Learn more about the Lunar Codex at and find Sood’s blog at

Jersey City resident Megha Sood’s co-editorial anthology “The Medusa Project” has been selected as a part of the Lunar Codex’s “Polaris Collection, which will be sent as a digital payload to the moon in 2023. (Courtesy Megha Sood)

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