Oscar Isaac Writes Dua Lipa Fanfic in the Fiction Workshop Sketch

oscar isaac brought a fun time to his first time hosting Saturday night Live and part of that came from his ability to embrace whatever character the cast threw at him. Including Michael B. Jackson, the nighttime janitor of a high school who accidentally interrupts a writing workshop. Doing a weird character with an outrageous wig, Isaac played a janitor who loved reading but wasn’t really that much of a writer (he dabbles) but when the leader of the group (played by Aidy Bryant) asks if he wants to read some of his own work.

The problem there was that this man wrote 800 pages of Dua Lipa/Reader fanfiction and started to read it for the class only to have everyone quickly realize what was happening and feel weird about it. Both Heidi Gardner and Melissa Villasenor both don’t love that the story is clearly about Isaac as Mike and his fictionalized version of Dua Lipa (who came to the high school fresh from her European tour).


This sketch, at its heard, is just Reader fanfic! That’s all it is, and my personal biggest complaint is that the two women in that group would have probably instantly clocked it as such and understood what was happening over the two men (played by Chris Red and James Austin Johnson). Because look, that’s all he was doing. He was just an older man writing fanfic in a composition notebook instead of on Archive Of Our Own.

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It was an odd sketch which is typically the best kind on Saturday night Live and this one didn’t disappoint. It’s a simple idea: Bryant invites Mike in to read his work about him, it starts off innocently enough, and then by the end, they realize this man has just written fanfiction about himself and his version of Dua Lipa and read it to them. Well, he only gets to read them the first chapter of his saga of him with the pop singer, so who knows where it would have ended up.

What’s so funny about this sketch is just that there are probably lots of fanfiction pieces written in notebooks throughout the years. Mainly kids in school who can’t write their fic while at school. So let’s believe that Mike picked up someone’s fic when he was cleaning, was inspired, and is now a budding fanfiction writer, and this writing group should embrace him. I hope that Redd and Johnson both become his beta readers.

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