Revisiting facts and fictions about fundraising to help your nonprofit

Here’s a reboot of “Fundraising: fact or fiction?” that may help you and your favorite nonprofit.

Fact: Calling donors to thank them for their gift significantly increases donor retention. Research from Bloomerang confirms the value of thanking donors by phone. In a study, donors who received one phone call within 90 days of making their first gift gave again 42% of the time and 58% if more than one call is made within 90 days.

Multiple calls also resulted in a second gift being made less than two months after the first gift.

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fiction: Direct mail is dead. Direct mail is a highly effective fundraising method, especially when combined with email and online giving as part of an overall campaign. Using this fundraising method effectively requires knowledge of the science of direct mail. Lisa Sargent, a brilliant copywriter, and direct mail guru, recommends using uncoated paper, tabbed paragraphs, 14-point font, incomplete sentences, unresolved stories, repetition, emotion, plenty of white space, thanking, asking, and asking again.

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