Sofia Mills Releases New Song ‘Bite’ Off Upcoming Debut Album ‘Baby Magic’

Singer-songwriter Sofia Mills releases new song “Bite” from her forthcoming debut album BABY MAGIC. The song is out today and preorders for Baby Magic are available here before the album’s May release. The album will also have a vinyl release at a TBD date.

“When I reached high school, I would listen to my female friends complain about their boyfriends, who were all emotionally immature and unstable, and I couldn’t understand why they would waste their time on these idiotic boys instead of loving those who supported and loved them – like me. So, ‘Bite’ is a song written from the perspective of a young bisexual girl, such as myself, telling a friend to leave her boyfriend and be with her instead” Mills explains.

“Girls know girls better than anyone, and especially throughout high school when people are exploring their sexualities and urges, I felt myself wanting to scream it from the rooftops.”

The debut album from 19-year-old artist Sofia Mills, Baby Magic intimately details the most pivotal moments in her coming-of-age experience: breakups with careless boyfriends, coming out as bisexual at age 15, a longtime struggle with mental illness. As shown on her breakthrough single “Coffee Breath” (a self-produced track that’s amassed nearly 100 million streams on Spotify to date), the Massachusetts-born singer/songwriter/multi-instrumentalist imbues her storytelling with both startling clarity and profound sensitivity, an element echoed in her warmly textured brand of indie-pop.

Written entirely by Mills, produced by John Mark Nelson (Taylor Swift, Allison Ponthier), and mixed by Jim Eno (Spoon), Baby Magic arrives as a complex and captivating body of work, built on a potent tension between her dreamy romanticism and intense self-awareness. The album takes its title from a gorgeously aching track graced with the delicate string work of composer Rob Moose (Phoebe Bridgers, Perfume Genius), a stunning backdrop to Mills’s self-revelation of her. Baby Magic is both a celebration of the magic of youth and an honest reflection on unstable relationships and “dating the worst boys in the world.”

After singing in a church choir, self-teaching guitar, and writing poetry, Mills began creating her own songs as a sophomore in high school, the year she also spent several weeks in psychiatric treatment at McLean Hospital outside Boston. “I was so used to being the weird girl who had to go to the nurse’s office six times a day because I was so anxious all the time but being at McLean really opened me up to other people’s experiences and changed my whole perspective.”

Within the next year, Mills’ music became a career with the runaway “Coffee Breath.” After releasing her 2020 debut EP All My Pals, Mills was chosen for the 2021 “First on SoundCloud” campaign-an artist-accelerator program that led to such endeavors as collaborating with award-winning director Christina Xing for her first-ever music video, the cinematic visual for her soul-baring single “Life of the Party.”

“Nostalgia’s my best friend when I’m writing songs,” Mills says. “They’re always about something sad, but it’s good because at least it’s somewhere for the sadness to go.” And with the release of Baby Magic, Mills hopes that outpouring might positively impact her listeners. “I feel like I’ve already built an amazing community with my audience, and I want to be a big sister to all of them,” she says. “I want them to know that boys aren’t everything and you can be happy without a relationship and there’s a standard for how you should be treated-and I think all that starts with being totally honest about everything I’ve been through.”

Listen to the new single here:

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