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Square Enix decided to give players a bit of a leg up in Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier by giving tips for Season 2. The team has put together a bunch of notes on all the things currently happening in the game, which we have for you below, as they have decided to hand out tips on dealing with Bahamut, working the Dragoon style , Teleport Materia, and more. You can check out everything here as Season2 is live in the game right now.

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Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier – Bahamut Boss

The King of Dragons himself, Bahamut, will circle the battlefield, delivering devastating aerial attacks like MegaFlare. After some time has progressed in the match, players can engage Bahamut in PvE battles once he descends from the sky. If players would like to engage Bahamut sooner, they can do so by shooting him from specific locations on the map, including specific points outside the Sector 5 Undercity, Corneo’s Mansion, Support Pillar or the Sewer System. Given his strength from him, it is recommended players take on Bahamut as a team rather than going in solo.

Aerial Attacks

Ground Attacks

  • Threshold Strikes: Fires two homing shots.

  • Inferno Threshold: Fires multiple homing shots.

  • Flare Breath: Short to mid-range fire attack.

  • Spin Attack: Front charge attack.


  • Close range attacks other than Umbral Strikes and Umbral Inferno are difficult to evade. Avoid standing directly in front of Bahamut and keep your distance.

  • Watch the timing of his attacks and dodge to the left and right. Umbral Strikes and Umbral Inferno both fire homing shots, so pay attention to their course and dodge accordingly.

  • For Megaflare, look for the effect that indicates the attack radius and immediately move outside of the attack range.

Bahamut Summon

Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier Players who defeat Bahamut have a chance of obtaining a Bahamut summon Materia, allowing players to use the Materia in battle to summon the Dragon King. Defeating Bahamut grants a 100% chance for a single Bahamut material to drop, so only the first person to pick it up can use it – so be quick on your feet to grab it. Unlike other summons like Ifrit and Shiva, players do not just passively summon Bahamut, but take over the dragon and control his abilities from him. Damage taken while in Bahamut form decreases Bahamut’s HP, but not the candidate’s HP. Bahamut’s HP decreases as time passes. When his HP from him drops to 0, the summon effect will end.

Summon Controls

  • Tap the fire button to fire a single Threshold Inferno shot.

  • Hold the fire button to fire multiple homing Umbral Inferno shots.

  • Tap Ability 1 to use Spin Attack.

  • Tap Ability 2 to use Flare Breath.

  • Tap Ability 3 to use Divebomb.

  • Hold Style Ability to use Megaflare.


The Dragoon is a mobile attack style that allows players to bombard enemies from all sides with powerful, nimble attacks. Dragoons are focused on the offense and are proficient in airborne attacks. By changing up the combination of abilities and skills, you can adjust your playstyle to focus on melee combat, heavy attacks, aerial movement, and more.

Dragon Abilities

Style Trait

Style Ability

  • “Dragon’s Favor” – When in effect, movement speed increases and an effect that absorbs MP, inflicts bleed damage, and recovers HP when you make a kill, is applied to your melee attacks for a short time.

Style Skill

  • “Aerial Wall” – Reduces damage taken from enemies at a lower elevation than you when you are midair.

  • “Wide Swing” – Increases melee attack range.

  • “Dragon’s Ire” – Places a marker on the enemy who attacked you and any damage inflicted on the target reduces their MP.

Teleport Materia

Players can obtain the Teleport summon material through chests on the battlefield, and can be activated anywhere that placeable/trap material can be used. This material allows players to open portals – one at a targeted location on the map, and another at the caster’s feet – to instantly transport from one portal to the other. Players are able to use portals created by others, which opens up new strategic possibilities and opportunities.

Flame Thrower Weapon

hell cannon

  • Firing normally will fire homing lasers and holding the fire button will fire a heavy laser. The two different types of lasers makes it useful in numerous situations.

  • Ideal at 20-50m (mid-range).

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