“Moonbeams and Poetry”

After several decades, he publishes his life’s work

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, March 8, 2022 / — Maya Angelou once said, “If you’re going to live . . . make a mark on the world that cannot be erased.” And that’s precisely what Jerry Staudenraus decided to do.

Ever since the tender age of thirteen years old, he’s always had a passion for writing. And while he never pursued it professionally, for the next forty-five years he would write poems every now and then, capturing his view of the world, his musings on life and legacy, and his fascination of the relentlessness of time. Now for the first time ever, his works by him have been compiled and curated into one volume in “Moonbeams and Poetry: For Those Whose Ears Are Pricked and Tongues Are Long Drawn”, written during various stages of his youth and adulthood and while in pursuit of various careers. With his gift of distilling the mystery of human existence into powerful evocative words, Moonbeams is both a treatise and a challenge to mortal man to not fade into nothingness. One can fully appreciate, upon reading his poems laid out in succession as in this take, the contemporariness of Staudenraus’s words, while also witnessing how his perspectives and insights grow with age.

With a life well-lived and a myriad of experiences, Staudenraus presents a uniquely insightful take on the human condition. This book of poems is also his bid for him to challenge oblivion, living proof that a man like him had lived. He is currently retired, based in Moses Lake, Washington. He’s a proud grandfather of four.

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