10 Green Lantern Comics Every Guy Gardner Fan Should Read

Guy Gardner, created by John Broome and Gil Kane in 1968, is easily the most hated member of the Green Lantern Corps – not by fans, but by DC characters. Guy is cocky, arrogant, and loud. However, although Guy gets on everyone’s nerves, he’s one of the greatest Green Lanterns of all time.

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When the Green Lantern Corps returned after reborn, Guy was chosen by the Guardians to lead and instruct the Corps. When the Corps needed to send one Lantern out into unknown space with no communication, Guy volunteered without hesitation. He may be arrogant and headstrong, but he’s also brave and fearless, as all great Green Lanterns should be.

10 Guy’s Debut In Green Lantern Vol.2 #59

Guy Gardnerfirst appearance

In Green Lantern Vol.2 #59, the Guardians of the Universe informed Hal Jordan that he was one of several people selected to receive Abin Sur’s ring; however, the ring ultimately went to him because he was the closest to it. Using a machine called the Memory Machine, Hal views an alternate world where a man named Guy Gardner received the ring instead.

Guy’s adventures as Green Lantern mimic Hal’s up until Guy passes away due to a plague from an alien world. After exiting the Memory Machine, Hal tracks down Guy in his own world and becomes his friend, potentially assuming that if Guy Gardner came so close to becoming a Green Lantern in the past, he could become one in the future.

9 Guy Becomes The Official Lantern Of Sector 2814

With John Stewart busy fighting alongside the Monitor during the events of Crisis on Infinite EarthsGuy Gardner is selected as his replacement on Earth. In Green Lantern Vol.2 #195, Guy is selected to join the Guardians’ newer, smaller Green Lantern Corps.

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Up until then, Guy had only served as a Green Lantern when either Hal or John had been unable to. After being specifically selected by a faction of Guardians looking to challenge the Anti-Monitor, Guy is officially inducted into the Green Lantern Corps, bringing the number of official Sector 2814 Lanterns up to three.

8 Joining Justice League International

Justice League International feature

despues de Crisis on Infinite Earths, DC wanted more Justice League books to present even more heroes to readers. Unfortunately, many of the big heroes were tied up in other series, so characters like Booster Gold, Fire and Ice, and Guy Gardner were selected for the Justice League International series.

Written by Keith Giffen and JM DeMatteis and illustrated by Kevin Maguire, JL International was fun and goofy, while still treating its characters with respect. In this series, Guy Gardner developed an edger, cocky attitude and began a relationship with Ice. JL International brought many readers’ attention to Guy.

7 Guy Gets His Own Comic Book Series

Guy Gardner Wielded The Yellow Ring

In October 1992, Guy Gardner #1 hit comic shelves. After years of living in the shadow of Hal Jordan, Guy Gardner quit the Green Lantern Corps and set off to make a name for himself in the universe. When the series began, Guy wore Sinestro’s original yellow power ring, which he recharged by absorbing the energy of other rings.

The series lasted for 45 issues and increased Guy’s popularity with readers. Guy can be stubborn and annoying, but he’s lovable and his will is unmatched, even if it puts him in needlessly dangerous situations.

6 Instructing The New Corps In Recharge


In Green Lantern: Rebirth, the Green Lantern Corps was resurrected and Guy Gardner became a Green Lantern again. Following the events of rebornthe Guardians tasked Guy Gardner, Kyle Rayner, and Kilowog to instruct the many new Lanterns recruited by the newly reignited Central Power Battery.

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Green Lantern Corps: Recharge was a miniseries written by Dave Gibbons. Over the course of the book, Guy had to learn to shake his old, bad habits of rebellion. He had to become a leader if he wanted these new Lanterns to thrive in the universe.

5 Leading Rookies In 2006’s Green Lantern Corps

Following the 2006 miniseries Green Lantern Corps: RechargeDave Gibbons wrote the ongoing Green Lantern Corps series. While Hal Jordan starred in the main Green Lantern book, Kyle Rayner starred in the Ion miniseries, and John Stewart starred in the Justice League books, GL: Corpswhich focused on Guy Gardner and Kilowog.

The book introduced many unfamiliar Green Lanterns like Soranik Natu and Sodam Yat, who were newly recruited Lanterns after the Corps’ resurrection. Guy excelled in this series, stepping into the role of Corps leader, and was, surprisingly, very good at it.

4 Blackest Night & The Return Of Ice

guy gardner ice

Guy Gardner and Ice’s relationship had come to a rocky conclusion. Ice decided to stay on Earth, declining Guy’s invitation to live on the Guardian’s planet Oa. During the events of Blackest Nightall deceased beings in the universe were revived and corrupted by black power rings, turning them into Black Lanterns.

The main characters of the Green Lantern Corps comic series, like Guy and Kyle, were hit with heartbreaking reunions. Kyle faced his deceased girlfriend, Alex, and Guy confronted a corrupted Ice. Guy shows compassion in their battle for her, unable to destroy her, even in her corrupted form for her.

3 Guy Dons A Red Lantern Ring In “War Of The Green Lanterns”

war of the green lanterns 2 to 1

The Green Lanterns’ power rings are corrupted after the Central Power Battery is infected. With no allies among the Green Lanterns or the Guardians, the Earth Lanterns, Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Kyle Rayner, and Guy Gardner, are forced to don rings from other Lantern Corps.

Each hero chooses one that best fits their character. Guy naturally chooses the red power ring of rage as he’s stubborn, loud, and more than willing to pick a fight. These rings not only fit their wearers but accentuated their characteristics. This one-time use gave Guy a taste of what being a Red Lantern was like.

two Guy Joins The Red Lanterns Of Rage

Even though DC relaunched their books during the New 52, ​​many Green Lantern stories carried over after the reboot. Almost all the canon established during Geoff Johns’s Green Lantern run and Dave Gibbons’s Green Lantern Corps remained untouched during the New 52.

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In order to find out more about the Red Lanterns, Guy is forced to don a red ring and join their ranks as an undercover agent. Things were already complicated after the red ring replaced Guy’s heart from him, but they became even more complicated when Guy started to settle into being a Red Lantern. His time in red was interesting, fresh, and very fitting for Guy’s character.

1 Guy Goes Toe To Toe With Arkillo

After Hal Jordan seemingly sacrificed himself to stop Sinestro, the Sinestro Corps fell under the leadership of his daughter, Soranik Natu. Ironically, Soranik wanted the Yellow Lanterns of fear to not rule by fear. She proposed an alliance with the Green Lanterns. Many weren’t happy with this arrangement, specifically Guy Gardner.

Guy had friction with the Yellow Lantern Arkillo and challenged the massive, imposing alien to a fistfight with no power rings. Surprisingly, Guy held his own from him. Afterward, the two were bloody and beaten but earned each other’s respect. They’d eventually become two of the closest allies in the two Corps.

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