Author Anita P. Stoudmire Is Back With Her New Book “Do Well, A Feminine Woman’s Guide To Relationship Success”

The new book from Better Love Movement creator explains what healthy masculine men really think, and how to harness this knowledge in women’s favor

With a falling marriage rate and a global pandemic putting heavy strains on relationships everywhere, women who are primarily in their masculine energy may be finding challenges in their relationships with men. But it IS possible for women to harness their feminine energy to foster healthy, happy, and long-lasting relationships with the guidance from Anita P. Stoudmire’s new book, “DO WELL! A Feminine Woman’s Guide To Relationship Success,” available now on Amazon as a hardcover, paperback, and Kindle e-book.

As the Better Love Movement founder, Stoudmire has 15 years of experience coaching singles and couples who are tired of the “romance hamster wheel.” Her her first book, “Choose Well! A Simple Formula To Determine The Best Man For You,” helped women around the world create their personal blueprints to find true love with healthy, masculine men. Now, building off the success of that book, “DO WELL! A Feminine Woman’s Guide To Relationship Success” helps women in committed relationships “show up” every day and steer the health and happiness of their relationships. “DO WELL!” explains the way masculine men REALLY think and the way they REALLY feel about their women.

“Men are actually NOT that complicated, and if you are open to learning about them, you can have the relationship or marriage of your dreams,” says Stoudmire. “Women have the incredible responsibility of being the ‘guardians’ of their relationships, and when they embrace and believe in their power, they find their relationships with men improve tremendously.”

In “DO WELL!” Stoudmire explains how women can “activate” a man’s masculine switch and get him to show up and care about what’s important to her. She also teaches how to communicate with men in a way that inspires him to give and do for his woman de ella. Women can also learn how to resolve conflicts and set healthy boundaries to foster cherishing and respect from their man.

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