Call for Proposals: Avatars, Assets & Access | by Immerse | Mar, 2022

Submission guidelines for our next special issue, in May/June 2022

Background image from the September 2021 Immerse x Venice VR world hop, credit to Joe Hunting

immerse‘s May/June 2022 issue is Avatars, Assets & Access. The shiny baubles of Web 3.0, NFTs and crypto have offered tech and business writers who cover digital worlds plenty of material on the creation and valuation of virtual objects. These pieces range from the informational to the advertorial, and cover a tonal range from entertainment to speculation. Articles on digital avatars tend to focus on questions of identity (the ability to try on or roleplay in new identities, for example), without examining their makers, sources or component parts.

In contrast, over the past year, immerse published Pamela Cohn’s primer on the development of visual avatars, Ziv Schneider’s posthumous reflection on an aging virtual influencer, and immerse editorial collective member Ingrid Kopp’s roundup of critical articles on the metaverse, among other related pieces. We are excited to devote the next few months to probing through what it actually takes to build, get into and pay for virtual worlds and objects.

We are interested in examining the influence of different conceptions of personhood, objecthood and the drive to reproduce photoreality on immersive nonfiction storytelling projects. We are also interested in how immersive and emerging forms of nonfiction interact with and in turn affect identity, aesthetics and notions of reality. We are seeking proposals for pieces of 1200–1500 words that critically and imaginatively reflect on these topics for a general interest audience.:

  • Personhood versus objecthood of avatars

Proposals should be 200 words or less in length and submitted by Friday, April 1, 2022 to Accepted proposals will be notified by mid-April. Our standard fee is $250.

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