Genshin Impact: 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Kaeya

Genshin Impact has been widely praised for its character designs, even by those who aren’t interested in playing gacha titles. Characters manage to be unique, engaging as well as highly readable- it’s possible to know most of a character’s personality with a single glance, but not in a way that comes off as cheap or unoriginal. Some characters, such as Venti, are widely known even outside of the Genshin fanbase as a whole for his adorable design and pension for mischief.

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Another highly well-known character is Kaeya, one of the four-stars given to players for free as they make their way through Mondstadt’s early story. He’s the Quartermaster of the Knights of Favonius and is initially suspicious of the player despite seeming highly suspicious himself. He’s more mysterious than many others Genshin cast members, and there’s a lot that fans might not know about him.

10 He Holds The Title Of ‘Top Candidate For Grandson-In-Law’ In Mondstadt

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Kaeya has a bit of a reputation in Mondstadt. He’s mysterious and even a bit flirtatious and always enjoys a good drink at the Dawn Winery despite his and Diluc’s disputes. But he has another surprising reputation that isn’t as well-known to fans.

Among Mondstadt’s elderly, Kaeya actually holds the strange-yet-cute title of “top candidate for grandson-in-law.” However, it makes sense when considering his sociable personality and desire for justice, even though some of his actions can be questionable.

9 He Truly Fits The Definition Of An Anti-Hero

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Out of all of the known members of the Knights of Favonius, Kaeya stands out by far as the shadiest member of the group. This is especially true when he’s contrasted against the hardworking Jean, the ever-optimistic Amber, and the resident librarian Lisa.

Kaeya describes both himself and Diluc, fittingly, as “anti-heroes with attitude problems.” Though he’s technically on the side of justice, Kaeya has no problem resorting to any amount of underhanded tactics as long as he gets his desired result.

8 He Loves Putting Others In High-Stress Situations, And This Includes His Allies

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Kaeya is someone who enjoys seeing the look of panic on others’ faces during the heat of battle. It makes sense for him to feel this way regarding his opponents of him, but he also revels in doing so with his allies of him as well.

Kaeya is someone who understands that he’s seen as a bit of a wildcard, and his allies can often hesitate to fight alongside him. This is something that he actually takes pleasure in, just as equally as he enjoys seeing his enemies struck with fear before going against him.

7 His Playful Extroversion Is Hinted To Be A Mask To Cover His Loneliness

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Kaeya is noted to be extroverted and playful by the general citizens of Mondstadt. And while this definitely is a part of his personality, it’s also hinted that he’s pretty lonely underneath all that.

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The Traveler notes that Kaeya appears to be quite lonely underneath his playful exterior. Rosaria also notices that his shell from him starts to crack a bit whenever he starts drinking, implying that at least part of what he projects to the public is a mask for something he’d prefer to keep covered.

6 He Has No Problem Putting His Own Allies In Danger

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Kaeya’s approach to everyday combat situations can be described as reckless. He’s stated that he thinks justice is the fine balance of strength and strategy without worrying too much about the fine details.

While his description might not immediately make sense, essentially, Kaeya doesn’t see anything wrong with putting even his own allies in harm’s way as long as everyone makes it out okay. On one occasion, Kaeya triggers a Ruin Guard to force a bandit out of hiding, even though it endangered the allies he was with.

5 He Obtains His Vision During A Fight Against His Adopted Brother, Diluc

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Kaeya actually originates from Khaenri’ah, a land separate from Teyvat entirely. The two lands have a rocky history with one another, and Diluc is floored to discover that his adoptive brother of him had n’t told him about his true origins of him.

The two end up clashing, and it’s right as Diluc’s flaming sword crosses paths with Kaeya’s own blade that the latter awakens his Vision. His blade of him is encased in frost, and it’s stated in his lore of him that Kaeya sees his Vision of him as a reminder that he has to live his life ‘under a burden of lies,’ which is quite tragic.

4 Kaeya’s Specialty Food, Fruity Skewers, Doesn’t Contain Any Fruit At All

Every character in Genshin has their own specialty dish occasionally obtained when making the food’s base form with the appropriate character. In Kaeya’s case, his specialty dish is the Fruity Skewers, which is his unique take on the Chicken-Mushroom Skewer.

This seems out of place for him at first glance, as specialty dishes usually tell a lot about the character who makes them. Upon taking a closer look at the description, it questions whether the sweet smell coming from it is really fruit. In his official trivia about him, it’s noted that his dish gets its sweet aroma from being marinated in sparkling white wine.

3 The People Of Mondstadt Find Him More Approachable Than Diluc

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Viewing Genshin characters’ profiles in other languages ​​can often hold extra little bits of information about their characters. Kaeya is no different, with his Chinese profile of him giving a bit more insight into the personality of the Cavalry Captain.

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The people of Mondstadt note that Kaeya is much easier to deal with than his predecessor Diluc, which must irk the latter given their falling out. Margaret, the boss of the Cat’s Tail, mentions that she also finds his sense of humor from him to be amusing.

two He Loves A Good Chat, Even If His Company Doesn’t Drink

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It’s true that Kaeya loves sitting down at the tavern with others, getting to treat them to a drink, and exchanging stories. However, he’s willing to do this even if the company he keeps for the night isn’t someone who wants to or is of age to enjoy alcohol.

This is most prominently seen with the Traveler in his birthday messages to them. He invites the Traveler to come drinking with him so he can tell them all sorts of stories and states specifically that Mondstadt’s apple cider vinegar is great for anyone who can’t actually drink alcohol.

1 He Was Actually Hired To Support Noelle

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Many of Kaeya’s duties as the Cavalry Captain aren’t really disclosed, but one known facet of his work is that he’s hired to support Noelle. This makes sense, as he’s a well-respected, highly beloved knight, and Noelle is in training to become a Knight of Favonius herself.

However, Kaeya himself mentions that he doesn’t have to do much when it comes to Noelle. He says she has a good head on her shoulders, and from what the Traveler learns about Noelle from her hangout events from her, if anything, Kaeya should be supporting her to take a rest every now and then.

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