Here are some of the best poker audiobooks

Poker might seem to be a game of luck and there is no way anyone can refute that. While experts claim luck has a major role to play in deciding the winner, that can be only for the short term. Rather, players with the right skills have a greater chance of winning in the long term. This makes it worthwhile to brush up on your poker skills if you wish to be seen as a serious player in the segment. Some poker books have become widely known for really helping users to win several games, their playing strategy improving fundamentally afterward. Reading a well-documented list of popular helpful titles could be a great way of stepping up your game and finally start winning matches.

This is clearly one of the best audiobooks on poker you will ever have, one that can make you a pro in no time even if you are a complete novice at it. In the book, author Maria Konnikova shares her experience of how she ended up being the winner of the PCA National event or becoming the Poker Stars “Ambassador” in just a short time of one year that she devoted to learning the game after starting from scratch . It’s a well-written piece too which makes listening to the books thoroughly entertaining as well. Even though the book might not have enough strategies included, you will get to have enough insight into the game to devise your own strategies.

This can be a great audiobook for anyone who wishes to learn a thing or two about poker. The book offers real examples and also includes ways to master the Omaha, Seven-Card Stud poker game. The book can be well suited for beginners as well as pros though there could be a bit more of advanced strategies included. That said, the book gives out details of the unique style that Hellmuth brought to the game. In short, it’s a must-have for those who wish to pick up pro-level skills at playing poker.

This happens to be another masterpiece of a book on poker and can be an asset for anyone who wishes to be a master at the game, especially the cash games and tournaments. You will actually feel playing Ace King better each time as you progress with the book, what with all the strategies and concepts included in it. You will get to know how to make precise and calculated moves while understanding the various nuances of the game. That said, notwithstanding all the positives that audiobooks stand for, the format can be limiting when it comes to describing the various charts, hand histories, or essentially other visual elements. The book makes up for that with links to an external chapter that lists out the charts and other diagrams in full color. Go through it all and see for yourself how you evolve into a balanced poker player with each chapter.

You can’t pull out a win on your strength every time. Sometimes it can be by exploiting the weaknesses of others as well. This book will let you pick up the skills in both ways. The book can be considered the creme de la creme of all that Alex “Assassinato” Fitzgerald learned from years of playing poker. Going through it, you not only learn the skills to play the game but to also exploit the mistakes others have made. The book lays bare the intricacies of the game and provides examples wherever applicable so that you have a clear understanding of it all. This way, you develop the skills to not only win a game but to also turn disadvantages in your favor.

Think of Las Vegas and it is the sprawling flashy casinos that are likely to come to your mind before anything else; and when in Vegas, you will end up being an outcast if you say you don’t have any idea about Benny Binion. Interestingly, Benny Binion is famous from the other end of the spectrum, which includes being even a murder convict as well. He is great at mobilizing the mob too though his other claim-to-fame of him include creating the WSOP. Besides, Binny owns a casino too. The book lays bare Binion’s life while also providing a clear insight into how gambling came to thrive in Vegas. Plus, the book also provides detailed information as to how the WSOP came into being.

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