Here Are the Best Books by Celebrities Arriving This Spring

You might be skeptical about books by celebrities, but don’t underestimate those titles: Sometimes they’re truly impressive. Take Gabriel Byrne’s literary memoir walking with ghosts, which debuted during lockdown. It was lyrical. Beautiful. Memorable. So what if he’s an actor? That man can write! (When I interviewed Gabriel on my podcast, he was sitting in his parked car, surrounded by snow, with sheep jumping on the front hood.) The icons below are the latest celebs releasing new books, proving that you just never know how multifaceted creative people truly are.

What a duet! A Nashville-based singer tries to escape from her past de ella in this utterly propulsive thriller, co-written by bestselling author James Patterson and the one and only Dolly Parton. (And I’ll be interviewing James on my podcast soon!)

Seth Meyers, the former SNL writer and star, current host of his own late-night show, and dad of three, can now add “gifted children’s book author” to his credits. In his new picture book, a very anxious Bear is hesitant to leave the house to go on a new adventure. His buddy, Rabbit, urges him to come along, but Bear protests at every step until he ultimately just heads home. When Rabbit gets in trouble, Bear knows what he needs to do: put aside his own fears and propels himself to Rabbit’s side of him, saving his life from him. Because, as many of us understand, when someone we love really needs us, we put everything else aside. (If only it didn’t take our loved ones hanging from a bridge to get our attention.) To learn more about this sweet book, don’t miss my upcoming podcast interview with Meyers.

A Jonas brother wrote a book? Which one? The oldest one, Kevin, who’s married to Danielle! In fact, the couple wrote the book together, based on life with their two daughters. This charming story is perfect for anyone with stage fright or any type of performance anxiety. The secret weapon: a family’s love — and creating a family dance party. (Good thing no one knows what mine looks like.) And make sure to subscribe to my podcast to catch my upcoming interview with this talented couplr.

One of my favorite performances by Viola Davis was in Help, based on Kathyrn Stockett’s novel of the same name. As with all of her roles, Davis infused her character depiction with raw, coursing emotion. That same emotion and honesty is the through-line of her new memoir of her, Finding Me. Davis’ memoir follows her from a small town in Rhode Island to New York and Hollywood, where she stops running from her past but powerfully confronts it. This is a book for anyone who’s battled their way to self-love, and wants to celebrate and understand the journey.

Yes, I know I shouldn’t call her Laura. But as a child of the 1980s who watched every single episode of Little House on the Prairie, I can’t help but think of Melissa Gilbert that way. So as you can imagine, I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this book, which takes place during Covid when Melissa and her husband escaped to a prairie of a different sort: the Catskills. (And do not miss my podcast episode of her with her, to be released later this year.)

when Saturday night Live star and beloved actress Molly Shannon was four years old, she survived the unthinkable: a horrific car accident which killed her mother, sister, and cousin. Shannon’s father was driving that car — and in the aftermath, she helped him cope with his forever-altered life of him, too. Shannon, of course, grew up to be a famous comedian, shining on Saturday night Live and, most recently, in the must-see pandemic-era TV show, The White Lotus. Introspective, poignant, heartbreaking and hilarious, Shannon’s memoir is sensational.

In real life, this petite, Broadway-belting star of wicked is full of generosity, which her picture book reflects. Spotlighting the gift of pet adoption and other acts of service, Kristin’s book is as sweet to read as her voice de ella is to hear. (I can’t wait to have her on my podcast — episode coming soon.)

Here’s a personal confession for you: I saw Dirty Dancing seven times—in the theater. So I flipped out when I heard Jennifer Gray would be releasing a memoir of her, then had the out-of-body joy and privilege of getting to know her through a mutual friend. Grey’s memoir, a coming-of-age story from girlhood through Hollywood, offers up juicy behind-the-scenes stories from famous movies and her stories of the after-effects of her botched plastic surgery. (And its title, of course, is a reference to one of the most famous lines from the film that made her a star.) This should be at the top of everyone’s to-be-read piles this spring.

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