Image Comics’ Most Terrifying Hero Is Still Haunted by His Love Life

A ghastly Image hero has just come face-to-face with his latest heartbreak, and romantic betrayals and lost lovers are quickly becoming the themes of Haunt’s entire life.

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Spawn #327, available now from Image.

Al Simmons’ battle against the demonic and divine has attracted nearly every other hellish hero from his world to the fight. Of course, this also means that those same heroes’ own worst enemies have also become part of the conflict at hand, especially for Daniel Kilgore, aka Haunt. This is not the first time Daniel’s past has come back to torment him, however. In fact, it seems to be something of a running theme that no matter what he does, his love life will always end in the worst kind of tragedy.

While Spawn’s attempts to stay ahead of the brewing war between Heaven and Hell have been largely unsuccessful, his new ally Haunt has been focused on an entirely different mission. Specifically, finding a cure for the poison coursing through his veins. Unfortunately, it seems as though that is not going to be happening anytime soon, especially as the cure for his condition is currently locked away in the divine realm. Even worse, the enemies currently keeping him from continuing his search include the latest woman to win over Daniel’s heart. As seen in the pages of spawn #327 (by Rory McConville, Todd McFarlane, Carlo Barberi, Thomas Nachlik, Tom Orzechowski, and Jay David Ramos), this is far from anything new as far as Haunt is concerned. In fact, it is just another in a long line of tragic romances that have all ended in bloodshed.

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Ever since his first appearance in 2009’s haunt #1 by Robert Kirkman, Greg Capullo, and Todd McFarlane, Daniel Kilgore’s life has been a whirlwind of supernatural terrors and heartbreak. This began with the first woman he loved, Amanda, who left him to marry his brother Kurt. In fact, it was Amanda’s life from her being threatened by gunmen sent to destroy any remnants of Kurt’s former life from him that initially led to the creation of Haunt. The love triangle between them not only drove Daniel to loath his brother from him, it nearly got all parties involved killed on multiple occasions. Thankfully, Daniel and Kurt’s spirit were able to move past their troubles, especially when the former met and began a relationship with a woman named Autumn. Like his prior romantic relationship of him, this one was n’t made to last, as Autumn lost her life at the hands of a death cult during yet another of Haunt’s horrifying adventures of her.

The memories of the loves he has lost aren’t just playing through Haunt’s mind out of self-pity, however, but because his love life has once again produced the worst possible outcome for him. Lydia, the woman who walked into his life from her when he needed her the most, has recently revealed herself to be yet another demonic entity out to put a damper on Spawn’s plans from him. In this particular case, Haunt has ended up being the one to suffer, as it was Lydia who poisoned her ectoplasmic symbiote in the first place before revealing her true nature. Despite all of the hope that he had, Daniel seems destined to only ever come to harm due to his romantic interests, so much so that it has come to define nearly every relationship he is a part of. Whether through desperation or naivete, Daniel is effectively unable to be happy on his own (or with his brother’s spirit from him), leaving him to seek out any sense of normalcy or validation where he can, even if it could kill him.

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From the looks of things now, Daniel is lucky to be alive after what Lydia and her Hellish allies have put him through. There is still the matter of the poison coursing through his veins of him, though the heartache he feels over yet another betrayal has almost entirely dwarfed that concern, at least for the time being. Luckily, Daniel is not nearly as alone as he would like to believe, and even if his allies are not especially friendly, the majority of them are not as willing to see him lose his life as Al Simmons. Spawn may not have a heart, but Haunt most certainly does, and even if it is his greatest weakness most days, it is also the thing which keeps him from slipping entirely into the darkness. With any luck, it won’t be what gets him killed before he can mend all of the pain it has caused him.

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