Marvel & DC Finally Get a Modern Crossover in Visionary Fan Art Team-Ups

Comic book artist Vasco Georgiev posted 20 gorgeous pieces of fan art depicting the perfect team-ups between iconic DC and Marvel heroes and villains.

As the two biggest names in the comics industry, marvel comics and DC Comics have crossed over many times throughout their publication history, but a post by comics artist Vasco Georgiev revealed a series of incredible fan art pieces, teaming together classic and newer heroes and villains in perfectly realized mock covers. Not only is Georgiev’s art gorgeous, but he also clearly spent a lot of time thinking about the pairings that he drew together, because the team-ups work incredibly well in terms of personality, abilities, and location.

There have been times when DC and Marvel characters have worked together, like when the X-Men and Teen Titans fought against Darkseid together in The Uncanny X-Men and the New Teen Titans. The publishers’ heroes have been literally mashed together, in the joint Amalgam Universe, or fought each other, in the popular 2003 miniseries JLA/Avengers by Kurt Busiek and George Perez. However, these crossovers are always years in the making, and often suffer through starts and stops as the two major companies disagree on certain things, so they happen very rarely. Georgiev’s art depicts what the comics would like if their universes simply existed in the same reality, in a modern and gorgeously drawn way that will delight any fan.


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Vasco Georgiev is a rising star in the comics scene, most known for illustrating the art for Dynamite’s Dejah Thoriswho recently announced that he would be doing the art for the upcoming DC miniseries Aquaman & The Flash: Voidsong. On Twitter I have revealed all 20 of his team-up fan art pieces at once saying, “2020 was my DC/Marvel Crossover year! 🙂“and clearly he really worked hard all throughout 2020 because his fan art is impressive, wildly creative, and so well thought out. Georgiev went above and beyond in his crossover covers, creating his own Marvel/DC Crossover logo that he put in a corner box on each mock cover, as well as using the characters most well known title font, making the covers seem incredibly legitimate.

In a classic team-up of violent, but at times honorable, anti-heroes DC’s Poison Ivy and Marvel’s Mystique are shown teaming up to retrieve a thumb-drive, with their passion and viciousness shining through their beautiful veneers. Another team-up that makes so much sense it just needs to be made sees Daredevil and Batman working together on the streets to investigate crimes and take down enemies, a pairing that would truly strike fear into the hearts of all criminals, and would probably lead to some intense trauma bonding between the two heroes. For straight-up villains Georgiev paired together Parallax and the Phoenix, two cosmic-level threats that are actually classic heroes, but have both been taken over by a dark power they can’t control anymore. Art of Dr. Strange and Zatanna, two wildly powerful magicians who have time and time again saved their respective universes from invasion by otherworldly beings, proves that they would make a close-to-perfect team.

As a comics artist himself, Georgiev clearly has an incredibly eye for composition and titles, and his gorgeous art is perfect for a modern crossover between Marvel and DC characters. with the popular JLA/Avengers miniseries going through its first reprint in years in honor of George Perez and his battle with cancer, perhaps DC and Marvel will realize how much fans love it when their universes crossover, and we will get another Amalgam-esque universe in the near future. Regardless, make sure to check out Vasco Georgiev‘s Twitter to check out all the beautiful fan art team-ups he created between marvel comics and DC Comics and to keep up to date on his exciting upcoming projects!

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Source: Vasco Georgiev via Twitter

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