Square Enix’s New RPG Announcements Leave Final Fantasy Fans Upset

Today, during the new PlayStation State of Play, Square Enix announced two RPGs. The first was The DioField Chronicle. When the reveal trailer was playing during the show, the Twitch and YouTube chats erupted thinking it was Final Fantasy Tactics. The longer it played, the more PlayStation fans were convinced it was Final Fantasy Tactics. Come the end of the trailer, everyone thought it was Final Fantasy Tactics, and then a title screen revealing the name “The DioField Chronicle“splashed on the screen, crushing the dreams of final-fantasy fans. Since then, Final Fantasy Tactics has been trending on Twitter. While some are impressed with The DioField Chroniclewhich looks like a Final Fantasy Tactics spiritual successor, many are unimpressed that it’s not just Final Fantasy Tactics.

The pain didn’t end there for Final Fantasy fans. PlayStation noted during the State of Play it was capping the presentation with two Square Enix RPGs. The DioField Chronicle was the first game shown. Based on previous rumors and reasonable speculation, everyone thought Final Fantasy 16 would provide the grand finale, but this didn’t happen. the Valkyrie Elysium finished the show, which was a nice surprise, but not the surprise final-fantasy fans were hoping for and not the surprise they were expecting.

Of course, both of these games could end up being better than what everyone was hoping they’d be, but for now, that remains to be seen. Until then, you can re-watch the trailers below and read more about each game as well:

“The trailer provides a first glimpse of the game’s protagonist, a young Valkyrie who is entrusted with the fate of the world by the All-Father, the highest of gods and ruler of all creation,” reads a blurb that accompanies the Valkyrie Elysium trailer. “She will face various enemies on her quest from ella and must utilize a variety of weapons, magic, and the power of her allies from ella to prevent Ragnarok-the destruction of the world.”

“An all-new Tactical RPG with a deep and engaging story brought to life with a stellar cast, mesmerizing soundtrack, and introducing the new Real-Time Tactical Battle system (RTTB),” reads a blurb about The DioField Chronicle.


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