Super Crooks’ Biggest Changes Between the Anime and Comic

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Season 1 of Super Crooks, now streaming on Netflix, as well as discussion of sexual assault.

When Netflix announced its Super Crooks adaptation, one of the most intriguing aspects about transforming Mark Millar and Leinil Francis Yu’s comic books into an anime was that the four issues were just the finale of a larger story. Therefore, most of the show actually acted as a prequel to the big heist that Johnny Bolt and his super-villains pulled off against the Bastard.

Here’s a full breakdown on how the conclusion varied as well as all the changes Netflix’s Super Crooks anime adaptation made to its popular comic counterpart.

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Johnny Bolt and the Team’s Heist Was Two-Pronged

The Super Crooks team walking forward in opening credits

in the Super Crooks comic books, it was a smash-and-grab job where Johnny’s team broke into the Bastard’s mansion in Spain, got into his vault, beat down soldiers and stole a space-case that held millions.

Meanwhile, Netflix’s anime changed it up by having the team split into two to shut down a power suppression system, which included deadly ninjas as guards. Then they went into the vault, which had riches from the casino above ground — another addition the anime made.

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The Train Job Featured Two Heroes Instead of One in the Anime

TV Super Crooks Heist Team

In the books, Guardian alone was the one who stopped Johnny and Frostbite’s team on Johnny’s wedding day after robbing a jewelry store five years before the Bastard’s robbery. He easily trashed them on the train, but the Super Crooks anime had Praetorian taking control of all this, while Guardian knocked Johnny out on the stairs.

The Union of Justice Got Air-Time

The Union from Jupiter’s Legacy was a constant presence in Super Crooks, influencing young Johnny to be a hero in the anime. Sadly, he’d fall into a life of crime. Praetorian and Guardian also worked for them, with Utopian, Walt and co. getting plenty of air time in the anime.

This extra duty particularly revealed more of Praetorian’s corrupt ways and powers — such as generating clones — whereas the comics just had him teleporting around and punching people out, without really showing his indiscretions.

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Johnny’s Teammates Were More Hesitant to Join in the Anime

the Super Crooks comics had Johnny Bolt rounding up a team quickly, including Ghost and TK to rob the Bastard so they could pay $100 million to Salamander after Carmine (their mentor) tried to rob his casino. Everyone agreed in the books, but the anime had them hesitant at first. In Netflix’s adaptation, Ghost wanted to fly Carmine out to hide — a stark difference from the comics, where Johnny guilted Ghost by reminding him how Carmine had previously protected him in jail.

Kasey Got More Heartbreaking Character Depth

The comic books depicted Kasey using her psychic powers to make the airports think they were all rabbis, allowing the villains to fly from the USA to Spain. The anime, however, showed more of Kasey being heartbroken over her wedding and Johnny’s arrest, adding depth with her flunking at crime and her MBA without him. Netflix’s TV adaptation also added in how she punched a teacher out for sexual harassment, and the Bastard’s aid, Miguel, groping her when she did recon.

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Johnny’s Hiring of Gladiator Was Far Less Sinister

Super Crooks‘ comics had Johnny Bolt blackmailing Gladiator after catfishing him on a gay dating app. He would leak intimate pics to Gladiator’s wife and kids if the hero didn’t help. The bonus was that Gladiator would get to beat Praetorian senseless for being corrupt. the Super Crooks anime instead gave Gladiator a husband, with Johnny offering to donate his cut to an LGBT charity in exchange for aid.

The Big Fight Between Praetorian & Gladiator Was Longer

Gladiator in Netflix's Super Crooks anime

in the Super Crooks comics, Praetorian teleported into the vault and pummeled Johnny’s very eccentric crew to protect the Bastard’s interests. However, he would get knocked out with one punch by an unmasked Gladiator in a pink suit. Netflix’s anime altered this, having Gladiator keep his mask on with the fight going longer, but ending the same way — Praetorian out cold, suffering brain damage.

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The Psychic Twist Had A Different Location

Bastard smiling in the Super Crooks Netflix anime

The comic book version of Super Crooks showed Bastard thinking he had Kasey hostage in his mansion after intercepting her at the airport. However, she tricked him, Praetorian and Miguel, getting them to go to his amusement park from him. He’d use her psychic powers to shoot Miguel, thinking it was Kasey, who had actually escaped and reunited with the guys.

The anime instead changed the location to a meditative cave the Bastard had, which allowed Kasey to stay far from his suppression device. It also added in a priest whose head Bastard brutally shot in frustration.

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Super Crooks’ Ending Had Minor Tweaks to the Comics

Super Crooks Johnny Bolt Attacks

the Super Crooks comics had TK take his family to Asia, while Forecast bought a space shuttle and Gladiator came out, inspiring more gay superheroes to do the same. The anime instead had TK’s family going to Europe, Forecast diving more into the weather business, and Gladiator coming clean with his husband from him so they could renew their vows.

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