Will Forte and Lana Condor Join Looney Tunes Live-Action Coyote vs Acme

Will Forte and Lana Condor have signed on the for latest John Cena -ed film based on the looney tunes character Wile E. Coyote. Per Deadline, the animated and live-action hybrid is titled Coyote vs. Acme and is currently in pre-production at Warner Bros. Pictures. The film is set to be directed by Dave Green with screen play by Samy Burch. The comedy picture is expected to premiere in theaters in 2023.

Coyote vs. Acme will follow Wile E. Coyote after one too many mishaps in his endless pursuit of the Road Runner. Frustrated with ACME, the fictional company that supplies Wile E. with his contraptions, and their constant failing products, the coyote decides to lawyer up and sue the corporation. Forte takes the role of Wile E.’s down-on-his-luck lawyer, who goes toe-to-toe with his former boss (Cena) who defends ACME. In true cartoon-hybrid fashion, Forte and Wile E. build an unlikely friendship, fueling their determination to take down the ACME company. Condor’s role has not been disclosed as of writing.


Chris DeFaria and James Gunn come together to produce the film, which is reported to begin filming in late March. Gunn recently worked with Cena on peacemaker, to DC Comics-inspired streaming series. Forte has also been busy as of late. the former Saturday night Live star has been filming a show for Peacock titled MacGruber, based on his parody character of the same name, which hit the platform last December. Forte has also recently been seen in murder mystery The Afterparty and returned to SNL as a host in January. Candor has also been exploring new projects, coming off the smash success of Netflix’s To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy. She is reported to be currently filming Moonshota romantic comedy for HBO Max alongside Cole Sprouse.

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RELATED: How ‘The Looney Tunes Show’ Allowed Daffy To Evolve As A CharacterBurch thought the latest draft of the script with input from Gunn and Jeremy Slater, Jon Silvermanand Josh Silverman. Both Silberman’s were initially tapped to write but chose to step back following the departure of original director Chris McKay. The film is reportedly based on the 1990 comic of the same name, created by Ian Frazierwhich also features Wile E. take on the ACME Corporation in the court of law.

As filming gets underway, more details are expected to be released regarding the film’s cast and production schedule. Coyote vs. Acme is expected to hit theaters July 21, 2023.

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