10 Marvel Comics That Reserve A Sequel

The comic industry has never been shy about reiterating old ideas. Sometimes this is widely received poorly by readers. However, reusing and remixing characters and concepts has been an integral facet of Marvel Comics.

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This notion can be explored through ideas such as the reimagining of the Golden Age characters in the modern era or the passing of the mantle on to legacy heroes. Perhaps most tangible is Marvel’s interest in revisiting past series and storylines, such as Secret Wars and Civil War II. While occasionally it may feel like the well is dry, there still exists plenty of comic series worthy of sequels.

10 Before Superheroes, There Were Mystery Men

Drawn by Patrick Zircher and penned by David Liss, 2011’s Mystery Men imagined the Marvel Universe of the 1930s, before the dawn of superheroes. The limited series centered around an original group of mostly unpowered masked vigilantes who were more akin to the pulp and serial predecessors of modern superheroes.

In the past decade, the only connection to this series was in the framing story of Marvel Comics #1000. the end of Mystery Men left the door open for more stories with the titular team as well as the opportunity to tie in to more familiar Marvel characters of this time period.

9 The World Needs More Of Blue Marvel’s Brains & Brawn

Blue Marvel's secret identity is revealed

In 2008, Kevin Greivoux and Matt Broome introduced Adam Brashear, the hero the Marvel Universe forgot about. A man of immense power and perhaps even greater intellect, Blue Marvel has become a powerhouse in the Marvel pantheon.

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In the hands of Al Ewing, Brashear has dealt with local problems and universal threats. All while being an integral part of mighty avengers and The Ultimates. Sadly, however, he hasn’t had his own book since that original limited series. At a time when Marvel and the industry are making a conscious effort to spotlight minority characters, Blue Marvel should be a no-brainer for solo exploration.

8 Howling Commandos Could Raise The STAKEs

All New Howling Commandos

Comic books can be a great medium for showcasing the intricacies of mental illness, the atrocities of conflict, and other real-world struggles. Sometimes they just need to be entertaining. Deriving their name from Nick Fury’s original World War II unit, the Howling Commandos feature some of Marvel’s more strange and horror-themed characters.

Their ranks have included Vampire by Night, Living Mummy, a couple of Warwolves, and even Hit-Monkey. After only a few brief series, another bite at the poisoned apple could be great for readers who just want some escapist monster madness.

7 Marvel Should Be Reminded Of The Beauty Of Venus

Golden Age and Modern Age Venus

In the late ’40s and ’50s, Romance—along with Western and Horror—had become a dominant comic book genre. Atlas Comics (Marvel’s name during that time) was no exception to this trend, releasing a plethora of books. One such title was Venus.

The comic starred a nontraditional take on the roman goddess who, in this series, actually came from the planet Venus and was an editor of a beauty magazine. Updating the subject matter of the original series and incorporating the retcons established in Agents of Atlas could breathe new life into this character.

6 Past, Present, & Future Collide In Guardians Of Infinity

Guardians of the Galaxy join the Guardians of Infinity

Years after c0-creating the most recognizable version of Guardians of the Galaxy, Dan Abnett returned to write a new iteration. Guardians of Infinity brought together characters from the original guards 3000the modern team, and a brand new iteration from the year 1000 AD

The return of the 1000 team specifically could be thrilling to explore. One thing that may have hurt the original run was the price point—raised for the inclusion of backup Guardians stories. A future series might need to forgo those.

5 It’s Time For Two-Gun Kid To Ride Again!

For a while now, many filmgoers have felt that inevitably, superhero movies would go the way of the western genre. What better way for Marvel to capitalize on and have fun with this critique than to return this western legend to print. Matt Hawk, the second Two-Gun Kid, is both a lawyer and a masked vigilante in his own era.

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Another thing that makes Hawk fascinating is his many trips through time, from the Old West to the modern world and back. While he’s had small roles in various Avengers books and Dan Slott’s she hulk run, Two-Gun hasn’t had his own ongoing series in a terribly long time. With his first having ended in 1977, a second volume is long overdue.

4 Claremont Can Be Unshackled In X-Men Forever

In the vein of series like Silver Surfer Rebirth and the upcoming Genis-Vell: Captain MarvelMarvel occasionally creates titles to be a space for longtime, classic creators to return to their signature characters without any concern for modern continuity. X Men Forever was one such outlet for legendary X scribe Chris Claremont.

forever was a wild ride that immediately set itself apart from past stories by killing Wolverine in the first issue. It only got stranger! Admittedly, there has already been a forever 2 but another volume could be just what Bronze Age X-Men fans need.

3 The Never-ending Struggle Of Night Raven

Released under Marvel’s British imprint, Marvel UK, Night Raven began his life in print in the pages of comic hulk. Night Raven is a pulpy vigilante with a penchant for not dying – having been alive since the early 1900s.

This immortal hasn’t had very many appearances within the pages of Marvel proper and never his own title but there is limitless potential to be mined. A series following his struggle against millennia of crime could bring something fresh to Marvel’s offerings. Plus, his aesthetic just begs to be drawn again.

two It’s Time To Call In The Cavalry

Melinda May Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Even getting Jim Steranko’s approval, one of the most popular original characters to come out of Marvel and ABC‘s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. was Melinda May, aka The Cavalry. Naturally, May was inevitably brought into Marvel Comics proper.

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She first appeared in the S.H.I.E.L.D. series which was made to be analogous to the TV show. Since then she has had a one-shot comic and appeared as a guest star in only a few series. Be it in her own title or as a featured character in a new SHIELD series, it’s time for something more than just occasional cameos.

1 New Avengers/Transformers Should Roll Out Again

New Avengers/Transformers

In 2007, Marvel and IDW partnered to bring these pop culture icons together. This limited series gave the world such greats as a Starscream-size Iron Man suit and Ms. Marvel’s fight with an airbag.

In recent years, Marvel hasn’t done many crossovers with other companies but the upcoming collaboration with Fortnite might start a new trend. With IDW losing the Hasbro rights by the end of 2022, the idea of ​​a sequel may be hard to come by, but this series certainly deserves one.

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