Bridgerton Season 2: Who Is Edwina Sharma?

dear reader, Bridgerton Season 2 is near, and with a new season comes new characters. The new season will focus on Anthony Bridgerton’s love story and Edwina Sharma has quite the role in it. The source material confirms that and it’s also hinted at in the Season 2 teaser trailer. However, Edwina’s relationship with her older sister Kate Sharma is equally important to Anthony’s book. The series appears to take details from the book and create new ones to develop Bridgerton’s version of Edwina.

Bridgerton debuted on Netflix in 2019. The anthology series is based on Julia Quinn’s romance novels, each following a different Bridgerton sibling’s romance. The first season chronicled Daphne’s romance with the Duke of Hastings, Simon Basset, like in Quinn’s The Duke & I. The second season will detail Anthony Bridgerton’s enemies-to-lovers romance with Kate Sharma, based on The Viscount Who Loved Me. In the novel and on the show, Edwina is Kate’s younger sister, with whom she is immensely close.

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Kate and the Sharmas in Season 2 of Bridgerton

One of the most significant differences between Edwina in the books and on the show is also the most noticeable — her last name. In The Viscount Who Loved MeKate, Edwina and their mother Mary have the last name Sheffield, not Sharma. Bridgerton studio Shondaland confirmed that Mary and her daughters are returning to London when the company announced Season 2’s new cast. later, an Entertainment Weekly article confirmed that the Sharmas returned to London from Bombay.

Changing their surname is a conscious decision that considers the actresses cast in the roles. The Shondaland announcement shared that Kate is of Indian descent, with her casting of her serving as a continuation of the “reimagined world” created in season one of Bridgerton.

Charithra Chandran (who plays Edwina) told ew how influential growing up in India was for her character. “Ella She’s grown up in India away from the eye of the ton, so ella she could grow up more freely,” she said. “Ella She’s not just this doe-eyed naive young woman.” In the book, Edwina is the talk of the town because of the Sheffields’ residence in London; she’s named the Incomparable of the season before the story begins. The same isn’t true for her on Bridgerton.

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Shondaland’s announcement describes Edwina as “a kind-natured, endlessly endearing new debutante,” who “may seem young and naive, but she knows exactly what she wants: a true love match.” The aforementioned change to Edwina’s origin story will inform her dedication of her to finding a love match, as will her mother’s history of her with the town. Mary Sharma’s official character description de ella calls her de ella marriage de ella one that “once embroiled her and her family de ella in scandal.”

Now Mary is a widow, and those circumstances encourage Kate to take matters into her own hands. Simone Ashley (who plays Kate) told EW, “Her priority for her is her sister and her family for her above everything else. From the get-go, her objective de ella is to protect her family de ella and help her sister de ella march through the craziness of the marriage market to help her find a suitor [who loves her] and is someone that she loves.” Ashley’s words prove how influential Edwina and Kate are to each other and what Kate will sacrifice to ensure her sister’s happiness. Still, there is an overwhelming weight on Edwina’s shoulders, which is something she has in common with her book counterpart.

In the book, Anthony courts Edwina because he wishes to find a wife in a loveless match, and his Bridgerton counterpart has expressed the same interest. Edwina’s hopes for her to find a love match complicate the prospect of Anthony courting her. Kate’s devotion to finding Edwina her happily ever after is sure to make things even more tangled — maybe even into a non-conventional love triangle, like some of Bridgerton‘s promotion suggests. Thankfully, there isn’t much time left to wait to see how Bridgerton Season 2 handles it all; until then, fans can revisit the show’s Vitamin String Quartet covers.

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