DC: Which Male Character Are You Based On Your Star Sign?

As a shared-universe superhero comic company, DC Comics is one of the biggest and longest-lasting. It is the home of iconic heroes, such as Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, the Teen Titans, and the Justice Society. Fans could spend decades pouring through DC’s comic book catalog and still not have read every DC Comic that’s been published during the 80+ years its characters have been in existence.

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These characters have been household names and fan-favorites for years. It can be fun to compare one’s self to their favorite character. The star signs are a good way to categorize a character’s personality and to see if fans share any common traits with their favorite male DC characters.

12 Aquarius: Green Lantern John Stewart Isn’t Big On Emotions But Can Be Set Off By The Right People

The Green and Yellow Lanterns team up

The Aquarius sign is usually associated with forward-thinking and creative people, and this perfectly describes Green Lantern John Stewart. He led the Green Lantern Corps after the disappearance of the Guardians, and he kept the Corps together through dark times.

Like an Aquarius, he isn’t particularly emotional, is very strong, and is uncompromising – sometimes to a fault. He isn’t an angry man, but the right situation can bring rage out of John.

eleven Pisces: Green Lantern Kyle Rayner Is An Escapist And An Artist

Green Lantern Kyle Rayner

The Pisces sign is known for artistic expression and gentle nature, both of which describe yet another Green Lantern, Kyle Rayner. He was a comic book artist before being recruited into the Green Lantern Corps by Ganthet, which speaks to his creativity and adaptability.

However, Kyle is too trusting for his own good, which makes him prone to being victimized. This ultimately led to him becoming the White Lantern and then seemingly killed.

10 Aries: Hawkman Is Impulsive, Honest, And Angry

Hawkman with mace raised in air

Hawkman is among the angriest, most impulsive, and passionate heroes that the DC Universe has to offer, which makes him an Aries to the letter. His anger from him has alienated him from other heroes but also brought him to victory. Like an Aries, Hawkman is full of energy and is incredibly driven.

His aggression has set him at odds with his sometimes-partner, Hawkgirl. Despite it all, there is a core of kindness to Hawkman that makes him a good hero.

9 Taurus: Deathstroke Is Committed To His Unwavering Creed

Batman Deathstroke in the rain

Deathstroke the Terminator is very much a Taurus. Slade Wilson is as uncompromising and possessive as they come, which has led to his estrangement from him from his family. Despite that, he is strong-headed and someone who can be relied upon, provided you have the coin to pay him.

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He does have a code of honor he refuses to cross. He also has a strange practicality to his moral compass, as skewed and cruel as it can seem. He is an incredibly complicated character but like a Taurus, he’s trustworthy, protecting, and devoted to the ones he loves.

8 Gemini: The Flash (Barry Allen) Is Quick To Learn But Bad At Commitment

Flash Barry Allen

The Flash, aka Barry Allen, is one of the most gentle and caring souls to have ever been a part of the Justice League. He is generally quite soft-spoken except for the occasional joke. This is all offset by rarely keeping his commitment to others, as he often takes on more than even the Fastest Man Alive can accomplish.

Geminis are known to be quick learners, and it’s hard to find a faster learner than the Flash. That said, knowledge retention can be an issue with Barry.

7 Cancer: Batman Is Extremely Distrusting Yet Loyal To The End

Batman in his classic blue and gray costume

Cancers are known to be distrusting and fairly manipulative, and Batman is prone to both in spades. He always has the best for his family and his city of him in mind, but this has led to schisms between Batman and other heroes.

Despite all of this, Batman is imaginative, creative, and inhumanly determined, and all of these qualities are associated with the Cancer sign.

6 Leo: Green Lantern Hal Jordan Has A Sense Of Humor But Is Extremely Arrogant

Being a Green Lantern requires a measure of creativity and passion, and both of these qualities are present in the Leo sign. Hal Jordan is very much a Leo, for all of his strengths and weaknesses.

Like a Leo, Hal is also arrogant and uncompromising, but he also has a good sense of humor and can lift up his friends’ spirits.

5 Virgo: The Atom (Ryan Choi) Is A Loyal Yet Shy Workaholic

Ryan Choi the Atom

Those of the Virgo sign are known to be quite shy and overly committed to their work. The third Atom, Ryan Choi, is known to have these qualities. He is exceptionally self-critical and has let this hold him back in the past.

Virgos are also determined, driven, and consistent people. Ryan Choi is a devoted hero and a loyal friend, much like other Virgos. He is also one of the smartest heroes in the DC Universe.

4 Libra: Mister Terrific Doesn’t Like Fighting And Is All About Fair Play

Mister Terrific and his T-Spheres

Mister Terrific prefers scientific pursuits to a fight and avoiding confrontation is a natural tendency for Libras, who prefer to see all perspectives and offer empathy. Libra signs also value fairness and equality, which Michael Holt is all about.

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Like the air sign, Michael is known to wallow in self-pity due to the death of his wife, Paula. He has also proven to be an excellent team player during his time in the Justice Society.

3 Scorpio: Green Arrow Is As Passionate And Brave As They Come, But Has A Jealous Streak

Green Arrow firing an arrow

Those of Scorpio sign are known to be quite resourceful and creative when they need to be, and Oliver Queen is resourceful enough to have survived months alone on a deserted island. Like Scorpio signs, Green Arrow is courageous, skilled, and a good friend.

Oliver is quite jealous and has come to be prone to violence (which Prometheus learned the hard way). He also has a tendency to be fairly manipulative to the likes of Black Canary and Arsenal.

two Sagittarius: Superman Wants To Create A World Even He Can’t Deliver

Superman Leads The Way In Superman Red And Blue

Superman is known as the Man of Tomorrow and this is, in part, because he is supposed to lead humanity to a brighter future. Unfortunately, this is a promise even Kal-El can’t fulfill, as it requires humanity to march towards that future. Superman overpromises, and this is what a Sagittarius does.

That said, Superman is also one of the most generous, compassionate, and optimistic heroes, and all of those traits are seen in the Sagittarius sign.

1 Capricorn: Sinestro Is A Strong Yet Cruel Leader

Sinestro Corps Green Lanterns Power Ring

Those who align with the Capricorn sign are known to be quite condescending, unforgiving, and pessimistic. All of these traits are within Thaal Sinestro, the leader of the Sinestro Corps and the greatest enemy of Hal Jordan.

Despite this, Sinestro is also notable for his discipline, patience, and his powerful leadership skills. He has proven himself capable of leading his own Lantern Corps and has even bent the Weaponers of Qward to his will. He is an effective leader, just not always a caring or compassionate one.

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