Kid Cosmic: Every Comic Book Reference So Far

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Kid Cosmic Season 3, currently streaming on Netflix.

Kid Cosmic is the Netflix original animated series created by The Powerpuff Girls’ Craig McCracken and follows Kid Cosmic and his friends as they battle the forces of evil with help from their magical stones of power. At the end of the second season, Kid Cosmic and the Local Heroes defeated Erodius the Planet Killer, leading to countless stones raining upon the Earth. Meanwhile, Season 3 saw the team taking on dangerous stone-powered villains with joyful, real life comic book easter eggs thrown in every now and then. Let’s explore some of the connections found within the first three episodes of Kid Cosmic Sseason 3.

The Kid Cosmobile – The Batmobile

After receiving brand new superhero costumes, the Local Heroes (now named the Global Heroes) were ready to fight the threat causing havoc in the carnival. Before they could jet off, the Planet Protection Group gifted the team with one more surprise; the Kid Cosmomobile. The swanky high tech vehicle shares a clear resemblance and naming structure to that of Batman’s Batmobile. With a strong black finish and an instantaneous ability to morph from a car to a high speed jet, the homage is clear and exciting to see.

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Big Boss – Lex Luthor

Following a successful mission at the carnival, the Global Heroes were called away to another major threat, this time in the form of a gigantic bald man decked out in green and purple coated armor. Fans of the Man of Steel would instantly recognize Big Bad’s demeanor and self-righteousness as an homage to Superman’s greatest foe, Lex Luthor. With a similar demented world-domination plan and hate for the heroes, the big bads are undeniably similar.

Periodic Planet – Daily Planet

The Superman Easter eggs do not end with the Big Boss, as another Metropolis staple makes its way onto Cosmic Kid. In order to stop Big Boss, Kid created a plan to drop a large object onto his head, knocking him out temporarily. Using Papa G as a slingshot, Kid Cosmic carried a chrome planet from a building and set it up, slinging it to Big Boss, with Jo portaling it directly onto his head from him. This object is the Periodic Planet and is a nod to Metropolis’ Daily Planet, where Clark Kent works as a journalist. The first episode of the season was not afraid to really lean into its Superman homages and did each one justice with a McCracken trademark humor.

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Skippy Olson – Jimmy Olson

What’s a superhero without their best pal, and no pal is greater than Kid Cosmic’s best friend Skippy Olson, or is it Superman’s best pal Jimmy Olson? Kid Cosmic carried on the Superman references that were planted back in Episode 1 and doubled down, trying to naturally fit in as many fun gags as it can, even with this more overt character reference.

Fortress of Comitude – Fortress of Solitude

Every superhero needs a fortress or cave to house their treasures and alternate costumes. While Batman has his Batcave, Green Arrow has his Arrowcave and Spider-Man has his shed from him, Kid Cosmic has the Fortress of Cosmitude, which is in no way related to Superman’s own Fortress of Solitude that houses his treasures and alternate costumes. Any connection is simply coincidental.

Rex Rocket Family Reunion – The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 1964

As Jo started to realize the world was not right, she discovered that all of their missions were ripped directly off of the pages of Kid Cosmic’s favorite comic, Rex Rocket. She was caught by Papa G, who tried to explain to her that while he knew that the world was fake, he wanted the comics to play out naturally as eventually, Rex (or in this case, Kid) would be reunited with his parents de her. The Rex Rocket issue that Papa G showed Jo bears a striking resemblance to a panel from The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 from 1964.

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However, the similarities do not stop there, as both Kid Cosmic and Spider-Man share a similar history. Both Peter and Kid lost their parents at a young age due to an unknown accident, and as a result, the future heroes were taken in by a family member; Uncle Ben and Aunt May in Peter’s case, and Papa G in Kid’s. The Amazing Spider-Man Annual #5 revealed that Peter’s parents were not only alive, but they have been working for SHIELD the entire time. Kid Cosmic followed a similar story as the fake world provided Kid with a mirror version of his parents who were revealed to be employees of the PPG. Fortunately, like Peter, Kid had to accept once again that his parents are really gone.

Mighty Mapazon – Dark Phoenix Saga

After being made aware of the fake world, the Global Heroes skimmed through Kid’s comics to try and find ways to escape back to reality. One of the attempts included a comic titled Mighty Mapazon with a cover of a giant woman leaping through the comic’s title. This overpowering cover mimics that of the Uncanny X-Men Issue 135 from 1963, which first launched the Dark Phoenix saga.

These references came to an end by the conclusion of Episode 3, as the Local Heroes were transported back to the real world. Regardless, the nods to classical comic book moments were a delight as Kid Cosmic has spent its entire run paying respect to art form by using the lessons within the pages to help the characters mature and respect each other.

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