Marvel Comics & Amazing Spider-Man #92 Spoilers & Review: The End Is Nigh For EVERYONE!

Marvel Comics and Amazing Spider-Man #92 Spoilers and Review follows.

The End Is Nigh For EVERYONE!

The book has a few variant covers below in addition to the main cover above.

The promise of the book can be gleaned from its solicitation.

The Amazing Spider-Man #92
Writer: Zeb Wells
Penciler: Sara Pickelli
Cover Artist: Arthur Adams

WHAT HAPPENED TO THE LIZARD?! And what could he (or more accurately, it, after recent ASM events) possibly have to do with what has been battering Ben Reilly around? Only one issue to go, so you know, BIG STUFF IS HAPPENING HERE!!!

The Daughters of the Dragon with the Peter Parker Spider-Man are dealing with the threat of an amped Lizard, care of the Beyond Corporation, released by a vendetta seeking Ben Reilly Spider-Man?!

Turns out this new powerful Lizard has been infused with Morbius’ blood so he’s now a massive Vampire Lizard.

The Daughters of the Dragon revives Morbius and they plan to go after the Lizard who escaped.

Ben Reilly uses the deadly distraction he created to allow him to get close to Beyond’s Maxine Danger presumably to do her harm for her conniving betrayal.

His GF Janine Godbe unconditionally supports whatever he plans to do next.

Maxine is preparing for his arrival and she guilts an employee Marcus to stay to “help” Ben; he does as he really wants to help Ben.

The Daughters of the Dragon and Morbius catch-up to the Lizard, but…

…you have to read Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY (with that absurd .BEY ​​numbering or lettering) to find out what happens next on this front.

The book ends with Ben and Janine going their separate ways as…

…vengeance comes for the Beyond Corporation and Maxine Danger.

Next up is Amazing Spider-Man #92.BEY in stores on March 16, 2022.

Followed by the Beyond storyline’s conclusion and series finale in Amazing Spider-Man #93 on shelves on March 30, 2022.

The Pulse:

The issue crackled with energy on so many fronts as all the subplots converge with the main one. Solid art. Can’t wait to see what’s beyond Beyond! 8 out of 10.

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