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COCOA VILLAGE — In honor of local independent authors, the Space Coast Writers’ Guild (SPWG) is sponsoring their first Book Fest in The Village on Saturday, March 26th, from 10 am to 3 pm The event will be held at the Myrt Tharpe Square (the gazebo), in Cocoa Village.

Not too long ago, the literary world cast a contemporary sneer at the mere thought of self-publishing and any author that would deign to go that route. But, times are changing. And for readers and writers alike, it’s a good thing.

Self-publishing a book is nothing new but has been frowned upon in the past and – in certain circles – marked a kiss of death, the author never to be “picked up” by traditional publishers. However, this is misleading as many famous authors began their careers self-publishing their work, including Andy Weir, The Martian; Lisa Genova, Still Alice; Amanda Hocking, Switched, and Sergio De La Palma, A Naked Singularity.

The competition in traditional publishing is fierce, and thousands of talented writers find themselves unable to break through. With the onset of the digital age, the ability to self-publish eased and proved affordable. As a result, writers with a “story to tell” finally had a chance to tell it.

Readers benefit from this phenomenon because they now have literally thousands of compelling, often thought-provoking prose – both fiction and non-fiction – at their fingertips. These are stories and poetic work they might not have otherwise been exposed to.

Although the process of change and acceptance can be challenging, self-publishing has expanded our horizons as both writers and readers. In turn, traditional publishing has had to take notice, upping “their game” along the way. This further attracts more writers, which provides more material for readers. It’s a win/win/win!

The Space Coast Writers’ Guild has been helping local writers make their dreams come true for decades. The organization provides resources for new and experienced writers to further their cause. However, at the very center of the purpose of writing are readers. To that end, SCWG is very excited to connect local authors with the reading public. “We write for you!” Exclaimed Joanne Fisher – Author and President of the Space Coast Writers’ Guild. “As independent authors, we sincerely cherish each and every reader,” she added.

Book Fest in The Village endeavors to give independent (indie) authors as much exposure as possible. Aside from the Book Fest event, Cocoa Village has expressed an interest in featuring local authors in their stores soon. This would provide yet another opportunity to connect with readers in Brevard County. Self-published books aren’t displayed in major bookstores. Therefore, events such as these are integral for indie authors as it provides a way to connect with readers and the community.

“Our hope for this event is two-fold,” continued Ms. Fisher, “For readers, we want to offer them enjoyable books and novels from local authors and an avenue to support them by either writing a much-needed review and/or promoting our authors on social media.”

“For our indie authors,” Ms. Fisher stated, “we hope to offer a venue for them to present their work and connect with the public. We also welcome the opportunity to inform other aspiring writers in Brevard County about what the Space Coast Writers’ Guild can do for them.”

It’s certainly not too early to fill your summer reading tote with new material. The added bonus of helping local authors, and in turn, the local economy, simply sweetens the deal.

Rest assured that indie authors are as equally talented as traditional authors, and many have digital versions of their books. You can pick up a copy at the Book Fest or purchase a hard copy or digital version on Amazon.

Additionally, many authors have produced their books in audio format. This is beneficial for readers who don’t have time to sit and read, readers who prefer to leverage their time (listening while driving or on a treadmill), and for avid readers whose eyesight is less than ideal.

If you’re a published author and would like to participate in the event, you still may have time to reserve a table. The entry fee for a single exhibit is $35. SCWG will host two ‘spots’ which will be made available for authors. Authors must bring their own table and chairs and must only bring their books or other book related products (no food or crafts).

“If you’re an avid reader and would like to support your local authors,” remarked Ms. Fisher, “we welcome you to this event; you will not be disappointed. Remember,” she added enthusiastically, “We write for you!”

For more information or to register for the Book Fest, please visit For more information regarding the Space Coast Writer’s Guild, please visit, or contact Ms. Joanne Fisher at For more information regarding the audio book format, please visit


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