Nightwing #90 Preview: Blockbuster Swears: Dick Grayson WILL DIE


We didn’t need to say our trademark line for this preview of Nightwing #90, because Blockbuster said it for us! Will it actually happen? Now that’s another story. Definitely not. DC is already killing off the Justice League next month. They need all the second-stringers they can get! Check out the preview below.

DC Comics
0122DC154 – Nightwing #90 Jamal Campbell Cover – $4.99
0122DC155 – Nightwing #90 Riccardo Federici Cover – $4.99
(W) Tom Taylor (A) Geraldo Borges (CA) Bruno Redondo
A Nightwing and Wally West story, part 1 of 2! When it’s easier to go buy bagels as Nightwing than as Dick Grayson because everyone is either trying to get him for his money or kill him for the price on his head, Nightwing realizes he’ll need to enlist the help of his Teen Titan friends as his bodyguards, and the first to volunteer is of course his best friend…Wally West, aka the Flash!
In Shops: 3/15/2022
SRP: $3.99

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