The Most Overused Superpowers In Comics

Superpowers have been apart of comics from the beginning. Over the years, thanks to their long history, pretty much every power has been used at some point, whether they’re great powers, useful, useless, or just downright disgusting.

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Perhaps because they’ve been around for so long, some of the best and coolest powers have been given to a lot of heroes and villains in comics. They might be powers that we’d all enjoy having in real life, but a lot of the classic superpowers have been getting overused. After all, there are only so many ideas for useful, cool, and not weird powers out there.

10 Who Doesn’t Have Super Strength?

Super strength does what it says on the tin. It means you are stronger than the average human. It might be faster to list heroes who don’t have super strength, as so many of them across Marvel, DC, and indie titles do. Superman is probably the most famous example of super strength, but Wonder Woman, Captain America, Rogue, Hulk, Luke Cage, and Hawkgirl all have it too, to name a very select few.

There are plenty of villains with super strength too, including Black Adam, Darkseid, Hela, and Juggernaut. Super strength isn’t going anywhere any time soon. It’s a handy power, and it makes for more interesting fights. Plus, who doesn’t want to watch a hero lift a car or a building?

9 Everybody Wants To Fly

Flight is another power that gets used a lot because it’s useful. It’s usually a secondary power, paired with something that can actually be used as a weapon. It’s useful to get your hero where they need to be quickly, and allows them to arrive in a dramatic fashion and have really cool fights in the sky. Honestly, who doesn’t wish they had the power of flight?

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How the power of flight works is usually pretty vague, as very few of the heroes and villains who can fly actually have wings, or use other methods of flight, such as Thor using his hammer to propel him around. While it makes sense as a device to move heroes around in a hurry, it might be nice to see teleportation used more often, rather than always relying on flying.

8 Eye Beams Are Everywhere

Cyclops Scott Summers X-Men

There are a few kinds of eye beams around, but the result is pretty much the same. A hero (or villain) can shoot some kind of beam out of their eyes to burn, push, or explode stuff. Cyclops is probably the most famous user of eye beams, but they’re also used by a few others.

Superman (and every other Kryptonian) also has laser vision, which is just another name for eye beams. Other beam users include Bizarro, Mister Majestic, Maxima, Titano, Gladiator, and Darkseid. At least most of these had more control over their eye beams than Cyclops.

7 Invulnerability Has Fallen Out Of Fashion

Being invulnerable used to be very popular in comics. In the early days, it was often referred to as being bulletproof, and heroes like Superman and Wonder Woman deflecting bullets was a common sight (mainly because it looks awesome). However, making your hero invulnerable creates a bit of a problem, as it massively lowers the stakes of any fight they get into.

Invulnerability was phased out in favor of a more general damage resistance, which allows heroes to take bigger hits, while still being at risk of death or injury. In the modern era, an advanced healing factor is a more popular alternative. This is a rare over-used power that actually fell out of fashion.

6 Healing Powers Have Taken Over

Having some kind of healing powers took over from invulnerability as one of the most popular powers in comics. From a writing perspective, it is useful, as you can have your characters take an enormous amount of damage and still be able to come back fighting.

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It also lends itself to some very cool (if often gross) panels too. Wolverine is one of the best-known heroes to have an advanced ability to heal, but plenty of others can do it too, including Deadpool, Superman, Zatanna, Wally West, and Sabretooth. Could this power end up going the same way as invulnerability, thanks to the problem of lowering the stakes?

5 Superspeed Isn’t That Rare

Much like the power of flight, superspeed is very useful for writers who need to get heroes where they need to go fast. Useful or not, it’s getting pretty common, with more than a few heroes being incredibly quick moving.

The first fast hero people think of is probably the Flash or X-Men’s Quicksilver, but Superman, Supergirl, Northstar, and Makkari are all gifted with speed powers too, to name a few famous speedsters. Of course, all the various versions of the Flash and the Flash Family are super fast too.

4 Are Anyone’s Thoughts Private From All These Telepaths?

Telepaths have been a staple of comics for a long time. Marvel in particular loves a telepath, with many of their heroes having some kind of mental powers. Many of these characters have found a home with the X-Men (and many of them are part of the Grey/Summers family), including Professor X, Jean Grey, and Emma Frost.

Still, in the Marvel Comics world, we also have Psylocke, Rachel Grey, and Cable. DC has a few telepaths too, including Saturn Girl. With all these telepaths walking around, you have to wonder how anybody manages to keep their business private or know that their thoughts are their own. Creepy.

3 Who Gave All These People Martial Arts Classes?

Lin Lie is the new Iron Fist

Ok, martial arts is not technically a superpower, but readers do have to wonder how so many heroes get so good at it without apparently taking any lessons.

Iron Fist and other heroes who actually have proper training get a pass, but many writers seem to treat any superpower (especially those in the super-strength area) as also immediately making heroes and villains really good at some kind of vague, generalized mash- up of different martial arts. Who is dishing out these free lessons to these people?

two What’s Real When Everyone Can Warp Reality?

Wanda Maximoff Scarlet Witch Avengers

If multiple people can warp reality, how can anyone in the comics universes know what’s real? No wonder there are so many retcons, alternate universes, and origin stories. This is another favorite power of Marvel, often shown alongside telepathy and other mental powers.

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Scarlet Witch is the real Queen of changing up reality however she wants (a story which is currently playing out in the MCU too), but there are others out there shifting the way things are. While this power isn’t as common as the classics like flight and strength, there could be a few too many able to change reality.

1 Brains Over Brawn

reed richards, mister fantastic

It makes sense that the powers that the very first superheroes had are the ones that have been most used, so it’s logical that everyone is really strong. After a while, writers began to play with the idea of ​​heroes who were more about brains than brawn and began to create heroes whose real power was their superior intellect. In some cases, this has gone along with psi powers or telepathy, or it has been paired with the ability to create incredible technological inventions to help them in their heroic endeavors.

For many, being a secret genius helps them to compensate for not having actual powers, like Iron Man, but there are some who get classic powers and genius intellect, like Reed Richards. Of course, these heroes who were meant to show that superhero work wasn’t all about punching things often invent things that help them punch things harder…

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