TV tonight: Grantchester is back with another whodunnit to solve | Television


9pm ITV

Still going strong seven seasons in, the detective period drama is on the brink of the swinging 60s. But first: another who dunnit. This time, Lord Edmund Fitzgerald is found dead as a doornail in the grounds of a crumbling estate. The Rev Will Davenport (Tom Brittney) and DI Geordie Keating (Robson Green) are, reliably, on the case but are at loggerheads with Geordie’s new boss. They soon look to the victim’s romantic past to find clues. Holly Richardson

Inside Culture With Mary Beard

7.30pm, BBC Two

Emma Thompson crying to Joni Mitchell in Love Actually is a powerful scene that has broken many a viewer’s heart – but why? Beard speaks with the actor herself to unpick the role that crying plays in art and in real life. HR

Becoming … Nathan Drake

8.40pm, BBC Three

After putting his own spin on Spidey, Hollywood’s favorite new dreamboat, Tom Holland, tackles another beloved character – rascally tomb robber Nathan Drake in the recent Uncharted movie. Here, he talks to Ali Plumb about acting opposite an intimidatingly buff Mark Wahlberg. Graeme Virtue

Your Garden Made Perfect

9pm, BBC Two

Strapping on the VR headsets and saying “Oooh!” this week are Lisa and Justin from Wokingham, who want their big square of featureless lawn to be transformed into a private sanctuary. Lessons on zoning and imaginative planting dreams. Jack Seale

Dating No Filter

10pm, SkyMax

“She’s dressed like a chocolate finger!” “He looks like a fit Weasley – Ron’s sexy cousin!” Tonight’s episode of comedians commentating on couples’ dates is yet another grab bag of hilarious quotes. Will the singletons find love on their journey? Who cares? This show is all about the quips from comics. Alexi Duggins

The Graham Norton Show

10.45pm, BBC One

Friday nights without Norton? Almost unimaginable – but we’ve reached the last in the current series. The highlights reel surely boasts Adele being very Adele and Martin Freeman on the question asked by Love Actually fans. HR

film choice

Nathalie Emmanuel and Vin Diesel in Fast & Furious 9. Photograph: BFA/Alamy

Fast & Furious 9 (Justin Lin, 2021), 10.15am/8pm, Sky Cinema Premiere
By now you know what to expect from this petrol-fueled series of action films. Vin Diesel’s Dom will be drawn back into the spy game, along with his ever-expanding ragtag bunch of mates, to endure more preposterous but thrilling vehicular set pieces. But it’s real trump card is a focus on the importance of family – real or constructed. This surfaces again when Dom comes up against his brother Jakob (John Cena), amid returning faces, peculiar cameos and a Helen Mirren-instigated car chase. simon wardell

live sports

Six Nations rugby union Wales v France 7.30pm, BBC One. The penultimate fixture from Principality Stadium in Cardiff.

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