10 Best Puzzle Games To Play With A Partner Or Friend

Games are best when the experience is shared, but depending on what type of gamer a person is, this may not always be the case. Co-op games that rely on communication and teamwork can be a struggle for people who like to be in control, but if a team makes it through the game, their bond will only be stronger.

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Co-op puzzle games fit this category perfectly, some rely 100% on communication between the players, while others could technically be solved alone if only the other player would stop touching things. These types of games are sure to test any relationship, whether it be with a partner or a friend, and will leave players laughing and sighing with frustration all at once.

10 Escape First 3, A Competitive Or Casual Escape Room

escape first 3 promotional image

Escape First 3 is the third installment in the series by OnSkull Games, known for their very affordable escape room games. Escape First 3 has made improvements since the first two installations, and it is not necessary to play those before playing the third game.

The game can be played alone or with up to six people. It even has a versus mode where players are locked in rooms alone and have to escape before the others do. There are three escape rooms to choose from and all of them have a slight horror atmosphere, which adds a little extra fun for those playing the game in VR. While gameplay may be a little clunky, the puzzles are not.

9 Ibb & Obb, Take Turns Being Upside Down

ibb and obb cover image

Grab player 2’s virtual hand and bring them along in ibb & obb, a two-player cooperative online game by Sparpweed, or grab their hand in real life for local co-op gameplay. In this game players will find themselves in control of the titular Ibb and Obb, two little blobs with feet, who both view gravity a little differently at times.

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ibb & obb starts simply enough, but as the challenges grow, so does the frustration. Don’t forget to keep an eye out for the secret rooms. This indie puzzle game is available on multiple platforms including Windows, PlayStation, and Nintendo Switch.

8 Curious Cases, A Competitive Or Casual Detective Game

curious cases promotional image

Curious Cases is yet another OnSkull Games puzzle game, and though it follows the escape room style, this time players find themselves to be detectives solving those curious cases no other detective can solve. Similar to other OnSkull games, this game can be played alone or with up to six players and also includes a versus mode.

Curious Cases puzzles are challenging but far from impossible to solve, and the game is suitable for casual puzzle players. Like other OnSkull games, Curious Cases is available for both desktop and VR, as well as on Nintendo Switch.

7 Human: Fall Flat, Fall Over With Laughter

human fall flat cover image

Fall flat with friends in this light-hearted puzzle platformer that can either be played solo or with up to eight players. In Man: FallFlatteamwork makes the dream work, and puzzles often have multiple solutions as diverse people come up with diverse solutions to the obstacles presented in the game.

Laughter is almost guaranteed when setting out on the journey of getting each character to do what players intend, as the characters at times can feel like they lack bones. Solving the puzzles is rewarding and encourages players to be creative.

6 Unravel Two, A Beautiful And Positive Experience

unravel two cover image

Unravel Two is a little different than what most people think when hearing co-op. This game is only available for local co-op or single-player. Made by the Swedish studio Coldwood Interactive the game is inspired by real Scandinavian locations and has beautiful scenery to enjoy while players try to figure out the challenges and how to move on in the game.

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Unravel Two includes more storytelling than typical puzzle games and focuses on positivity when faced with challenges and uncertainty. The game is available on Windows, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

5 Trine Enchanted Edition, Three Heroes, One Goal

trin enchanted edition gameplay

Trine Enchanted Edition is the first game in a series of four by Frozenbyte, that are all highly recommended. The game is not only beautiful but has enjoyable physics-based puzzles that rely on cooperation between the three characters in the game.

Trine Enchanted Edition can be played either alone or with up to three players, and it is possible to swap between characters should another skill set be needed to solve the puzzle. As cooperation is important in the game, it’s easy to become frustrated when the team’s wizard keeps conjuring boxes when planks are actually what’s needed.

4 Escape Simulator, A New And Smooth Escape Room Game

escape simulator gameplay

Escape Simulator is a first-person puzzler by Pine Studio. A keen eye is needed to discover all of the hidden items in order to escape. Play alone or online with a partner or friend – Pine Studio recommends 2-3 players.

Escape Simulator will put to the test each of your different skills and points of view if you want to escape all 20 rooms designed by real-life escape room operators. The puzzles are interactive and should players run out of things to do, the Steam Workshop Community keeps designing new puzzles for everyone to enjoy, making the game quite replayable.

3 Tick ​​Tock: A Tale For Two, Perfect For The Casual Gamer

tick tock a tale for two cover image

Tick ​​Tock: A Tale for Two stands out from other co-op puzzle games. This game cannot be played alone, but an online connection to each other is also not required. All that is needed is for two players to have a copy of the game. It doesn’t have to be on the same platform, all they need is an open line of communication with each other.

That means one player can play on an iPad and the other on a laptop as long as they can talk to each other. Each player has a different perspective and the puzzles are impossible to solve without talking to each other. Time is of the essence in the relatively short but very enjoyable and eerie world of Tick ​​Tock: A Tale for Two.

two Portal 2, A Classic Worth Its Acclaim

portal 2 co-op gameplay

It’s back to the classics in this widely popular co-op puzzle game. Over 10 years old, with advanced physics and increasingly harder challenges that require players to have perfect timing & be in sync with each other, Gate 2 remains one of the best multiplayer puzzle games available.

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The two-player version of this game has its own entirely separate campaign from the single-player version, so even if someone has played alone, the co-op experience won’t be ruined. How many test chambers does it take before both team members start thinking with portals? Gate 2 is a co-op experience no puzzle gamer should miss out on.

1 We Were Here, You’re In This Together

We were here cover image

We Were Here is the first in a series of four games (the fourth expected to release in 2022) that rely heavily on communication between the two players. In the first game, which is free on Steam, the two individuals are split up inside an abandoned castle and the only tool available is a walkie-talkie to communicate with each other. As players try to navigate through the castle, We Were Here tests the strength of any relationship because each player has the hints to solve other puzzles but not their own. Who will end up with the achievement “Worst Friend Forever?”

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