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To the Reading community, Casey Vieira is a creative, passionate, and thoughtful person. Since attending Bow Elementary School, Parker Middle School, and then RMHS, Casey has always been a very creative person. She is a writer for poetry and plays. For those who know her, she listens to music all the time.

Throughout her four years of high school at RMHS, Casey shares that she has made many memories.

She shares, “What I will remember most about high school are all the late-night tech week rehearsals for drama shows. I loved staying at the school until 9:00 pm sometimes working on the final touches for the show. There is always such a buzzing, exciting atmosphere the final week before the show weekend. Though it is often tiring, I enjoy dedicating myself entirely for hours to a show and a production that I love.”

Casey also shares, “My most exciting moment in my high school years would probably be when I was cast as Poirot in RMHS’ recent production of “Murder on the Orient Express”. This was a role that was so different from anything I had ever done, and I was so excited to jump into this incredible new opportunity. Getting cast in this role, and working hard for months to memorize lines, blocking, and characterization, is one of the things I’m most proud of having done.”

Since freshman year, Casey has been part of the RMHS Singers and the RMHS Drama Club. In her sophomore year, Casey served as the Drama Representative for the sophomore class, where she would ensure her class had a voice and an outlet in the club. For the Drama Club, Casey has acted out many roles and in the spring she will be completing her 10th show. Besides the RMHS Singers and Drama Club, Casey has also been involved in the Playwriting Club during her sophomore and senior year. In this club, she wrote plays for submission to the Massachusetts Youth Playwriting Festival. This year, she wrote two plays for the club, one of which will be presented at Arts Fest this spring.

When Casey has time, she also enjoys volunteering. Through the drama club, she has participated in a handful of community service events. She has volunteered to help run some of the elementary school’s Halloween parties, as well as volunteering to read to groups of children at the Reading Public Library as part of a town event.

In school, Casey shared that some of her past favorite classes include Acting I, Acting II, and Honors Biology. For this year, Casey’s classes of hers include Honors Poetry, Psychology, Ceramics, Sculpture, Honors Storywriting, Facing History, and Democracy in the Age of Social Media.

Casey shares that she would like to share some thanks. She notes, “Someone I would like to thank is my wonderful best friend, Tallulah Patalano. We’ve been friends for close to seven years, and always has she proved to be such a beacon of love and comfort in my life. She is so caring, and she gets me completely. Moreover, she has always supported every artistic endeavor of mine; she will always offer to read poems and stories I wrote, and her comments de ella are always so valuable. In all, Tallulah is such an important person in my life, and I’m infinitely grateful that she’s my best friend of her. I would also like to thank my sister, Kate, who has always been one of the closest people in my life. She is so funny, and she can always turn my day around if I’m having a bad one. I will forever appreciate being able to bond with her over different music, musicals, and TV shows. Another thank you goes out to my mom, who is one of the strongest, kindest people I know. She is always so supportive of me, and I always find comfort in her unending compassion and love of her. ”

Besides family and friends, Casey wanted to thank two teachers who made an influence on her development. She shares, “A teacher who has made an influence on my development is Mrs. Richardson, who runs the playwriting club. I did the club sophomore year and I’m currently doing it this year, and both times she has offered me such great opportunities for growth as a writer, as well as a safe space to just create. I also had her de ella for a poetry class first semester this year, and I can easily say it was my favorite class I’ve ever had in high school. She was nothing short of supportive of every student, always encouraging and helping us in writing our own poetry. Her course of her was so thorough and taught me so much, and I valued it more than I can say.

Another teacher who made an influence on her would be Mrs. Cunha. She notes, “I had her de ella firstly for Acting 1 in freshman year, and then again in Acting 2 my junior year. Both of those classes were some of my favorites I have taken in high school. Mrs. Cunha always created such a safe space, and she allowed me to feel like I can be totally myself. In addition to class, she has also been the advisor for the Drama Club my past four years, and she has always encouraged me and helped me become a better actor. Truly, I do not think I would be where I am as an actor without her counsel from her. I am so grateful for everything she’s said and done for me.”

In her free time, Casey loves playing the guitar and the ukulele and reading books. She shares, “Writing poetry is something that also consumes a lot of my free time. This past October, I submitted a poetry manuscript (of roughly 55 poems) to a publishing house, and will hear back from them come April. In the spring of 2021, I also won a poetry contest that was held by RMHS’ New Currency Club.”

For the future, Casey plans on majoring in English. She will also be attending the Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. Her parents of her are Diane and Paul Vieira. Her siblings are Jack Vieira (17), Kate Vieira (16), and Joey Vieira (15).


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