Bridgerton’s 14 Best Quotes About Love

Netflix’s Bridgerton came on strong in season 1 with drama, power, and love. While season 2 premieres on March 25, 2022, fans are currently looking back and reminiscing on all the popular quotes and moments from the first eight episodes. In particular, a handful of romantic quotes stand out from the rest, as this show surrounds the classic lovebird duo, Simon and Daphne, along with others, such as the underrated and new couple Benedict and Genevieve.

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Overall, there are plenty of relationships with potential for something great in the next season, but while we wait to see where these storylines go, luxuriate in the brilliance of the show’s best quotes about love that have already graced fans’ ears in this period drama .


Updated on March 10th, 2022, by Lynn Gibbs: With the release of Bridgerton’s second season coming out on March 25, fans are rewatching the Netflix series to remind themselves of all of the drama that happened in season 1. The love story between Daphne Bridgerton and the Duke was a complex one; one that was filled with words of passion and quotes about love. But they weren’t the only two characters who spoke about love so fondly. Bridgeton family members and the Featheringtons also had their romantic moments.

Anthony Bridgerton

“You Have Me Protecting You Too. I Will Always Protect You.”

Anthony talking to Siena on Bridgerton

Anthony Bridgerton took over for Viscount when his father died, meaning he had a new list of responsibilities and obligations to his family and society. Unfortunately for him, he was deeply in love with an opera singer named Siena.

Because Siena didn’t have the high rank or title that Anthony had, they could never be together. Anthony tried dreaming of scenarios where they could be free together but it would never work. Instead, Anthony promised to protect Siena when they agreed to part ways. His love and dedication de ella for her, despite his title de ella, was felt through the screen with this quote.

Simon Basset

“To Meet A Beautiful Woman Is One Thing, But To Meet Your Best Friend In The Most Beautiful Of Women Is Something Entirely Apart.”

Bridgerton Simon Bassett Hastings

One of the biggest scandals in the Bridgerton world was when Simon and Daphne wanted to get married immediately instead of taking the time to plan an elegant occasion. In order to get married quickly, they had to meet the queen and get her approval from her.

While pleading their case, Simon made viewers swoon when he praised his bond with Daphne. Not only was she beautiful in his eyes, but she was his best friend. To be able to find his best friend in the woman of his dreams was something he could not hide from.

Lady Whistledown

“All Is Fair In Love And War But Some Battles Leave No Victor, Only A Trail Of Broken Hearts That Makes Us Wonder If The Price We Pay Is Ever Worth The Fight.”

Winner Lady Whistledown

In the episode ‘Swish,’ a lot happened for the Bridgertons and Featheringtons. Daphne and Simon were back from their honeymoon and getting acquainted at one of Simon’s homes in the country, and Colin and Marina announced their engagement to everyone.

Due to Penelope’s (aka Lady Whistledown) faraway crush on Colin, she didn’t want the two to marry — especially knowing that Marina was already with child from a previous relationship (which was unknown to Colin). Penelope spoke her true feelings from her through the words of Lady Whistledownin her from her society press from her and it hit home for many viewers who suffered a similar heartbreak.

Colin Bidgerton

“I Know You Must Think Me A Fool But My Heart Pays No Heed To Mere Logic.”

Marina and Colin standing together on Bridgerton

It’s hard to say how compatible Marina and Colin were in Bridgerton Because Marina’s main goal in dating Colin was to marry him due to her being secretly pregnant. There’s no doubt that Marina cared for Colin but her heart from her belonged to Sir George.

Regardless of Marina’s mission, Colin loved Marina. He said this romantic line in ‘Oceans Apart’ after he found out about Marina’s condition. Regardless of her pregnancy from her and her past from her, I loved her despite logic and what her family wanted from her. It was beautiful the way I loved Marina in such a short time.

Daphne Bridgerton

“I Burn For You.”

Winner Daphne Bridgerton

At one point in season 1, emotions have built up in Daphne, and she and Simon hit a rough spot in their relationship. After avoiding her presence when he tells her that he will not have children, Daphne and Simon come together and have a talk. Simon says that he never stops thinking about her, and while Daphne does not quite understand her, he says that he burns for her while he feels like she does n’t feel the same.

Daphne stops him and states that it is she who burns for him. This moment releases some of the built-up tension they have had, and they share a kiss. Simon and Daphne are willing to give up a lot for one another, and this moment proves that Simon and Daphne were soulmates.

simon bassett

“We Simply Enjoyed Each Other’s Company So Much We Could Not Stay Away From One Another.”

Rege-Jean Page as Simon in Bridgerton

When the license has been denied for Simon and Daphne to marry, the two of them go to the queen to seek help. The queen makes them plead their case, and Daphne begins by saying that they love one another and how it was love at first sight, but Simon steps in and says that it was not love at first sight, but friendship before all else.

While it seems like Simon is heading in the wrong direction, he later says that he did not just want Daphne as a friend but as a wife. Simon’s romantic speech towards Daphne swooned fans, and it was one of the first times Simon has stated his love for him publicly. His ability to speak so honestly about love was one of his best qualities in Bridgerton.

Violet Bridgerton

“There Are No Others. There Is Only The Duke.”

Less Violet, Dowager Viscountess Bridgerton

Daphne’s mother Violet was a fan of the young Duke and the way he treats her daughter. After Daphne talks to her mother de ella and says that if the Duke does n’t work out that there are probably others out there, Violet tells her that she sees the way the two look at one another, and it’s obvious that there is only the Duke.

This is not only reassuring to Daphne, but it’s a cute quote that fans love coming from Violet. It proved how close Violet and Daphne were and that she knew better than her daughter de ella did at that moment. It was a memorable quote for the viscountess.

simon bassett

“I Am Yours, Daphne. I Have Always Been Yours.”

bridgerton daphne simon

While Daphne and Simon hit a roadblock, Simon confesses his love for her, and how he has always loved her. He tells her that his speech from her to the queen was true and that he meant every word of her. And while it seems like the two are so far away from going back to where they once were, Simon says that he is hers and always has been.

One of Daphne’s qualities is being kind and selfless so she listens to his apology. This entire scene between the two is emotional but romantic, and it shows how both of them are willing to push for this relationship to work and love to prevail.

Anthony Bridgerton

“You Have The Love Of All Your Family And The Honor Of Your Actions.”

Anthony has made some mistakes with his relationships, but as the eldest son of the family, he has many duties and only wants what’s best for the ones he loves. While talking to his brother about him and helping him through his relationship with Marina, he tells him that he will always have a family that will love him.

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He also shares that eventually he will forget Marina’s name and realize he never loved her at all (although Marina and Colin were one of the sweeter couples). This is clearly coming from Anthony’s on and off relationship with Siena throughout the show. This is a different kind of love from a family that still shines in the show.

simon bassett

“You Deserve Nothing Less. You Deserve Everything Your Heart Desires.”

Daphne has been raised to believe that her life has been reduced to a single moment, and that is who she is. Daphne’s saddest moment was when she said that she has no other value or power, especially as a woman. Simon comes into the story and proves this wrong.

Simon is naturally romantic and treats Daphne well, wanting her to have the best possible future. He tells her that she deserves it, and since Daphne has grown up not hearing these words, this is a big deal. While Simon has a deal in his mind that he will not have a child, he knows that Daphne wants to be a mother and that she deserves it.

Marina Thompson

“I Loved Me. All The Time I Loved Me.”

marina thompson reading love letters - bridgerton

Marina is dealing with a long-distance relationship with Sir George, but all seems lost when she receives no letters back from him. She firmly believes that he has left her with no explanation. However, his brother Sir Phillip states the news that Sir George had died on the battlefield several weeks ago, but he wanted to run away with Marina and have a child to make up for George’s late promises from him.

She realizes that all this time he loved her when she felt like he was a villain all this time. While Marina has made some questionable decisions during the show, fans can’t deny this moment was heartwarming, and they wished they could have seen Marina and Sir George face to face as a couple.

Violet Bridgerton

“We Chose To Love Each Other Every Single Day.”

Daphne is finally learning how hard managing a relationship can be, but her mother has always been there to give her helpful advice. All throughout the show, fans were aware that Daphne’s father has passed away, but there are small details thrown here and there that show the kind of relationship they had.

Violet shares to her daughter that she and her husband had to make a choice every day to love each other, no matter how hard some days were. This moment made Violet one of the best characters because of her vulnerability. However, Violet shares that making this choice of love has given her peace, even after her death. This moment shows a bit more into Violet’s past of her love of her, and fans were captivated by her words of advice from her.

Daphne Bridgerton

“Just Because Something Is Not Perfect, Does Not Make It Any Less Worthy Of Love.”

Bridgerton Daphne necklace

While the party that Simon and Daphne host ends up ending early from the rain, the two of them end up staying in the rain and having a deep conversation. Daphne confesses to Simon that she read the letters that Simon wrote to his father de el, who neglected him, as a child — which was one of the saddest parts about the Duke shown in Bridgerton.

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She tells him that Simon’s father made him believe he needed to be without fault in order to be loved and that he couldn’t have been more wrong. Daphne goes on to say that she is tired of pretending and that she loves him. Violet’s earlier speech from her to her daughter from her may have had some influence on Daphne’s words from her because while she admits that some things are messy, she loves him nonetheless.

Daphne Bridgerton

“Every Scar. Every Flaw. Every Imperfection. I Love You.”

Simon is always hiding his deepest secrets, which can be frustrating, but he can’t hide them forever. For example, he grew up with a father who treated him horribly, and he spent his life believing that he was too broken to be loved.

It’s not until Daphne comes along that everything changes. She tells him she does not care if he thinks the parts of his life de ella that are too dark and shameful to share because ella she will love him for who he is. This moment opens up a part in Simon that nobody has seen before.

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