Clayton Echard Admits He Didn’t Pick Fantasy Suite Order

After the intense backlash following The Bachelor’s Fantasy Suite episode, Clayton Echard admits he was talked into choosing the date order.

following TheBachelor‘s dramatic fantasy suite episode, Clayton Echard admits he didn’t actually get to choose the order he saw the women in. Clayton’s season might just be the most dramatic one yet, and not in a good way. In the previous seasons, most of the drama has to do with the women trying to impress the lead, and maybe ruffling a few feathers along the way. However, in Clayton’s season, the women skipped small ruffling and went straight into high school bullying. Something that was only made worse by Clayton’s willing ignorance of the situation. After episodes of the women coming forward and venting to Clayton, he finally felt the main culprit, Shanae Ankney, home. This allowed the season to go into a bit of a lull as the women were falling deeper in love with Clayton, and Clayton, as evidenced by later episodes, was falling more in love with them.


By the time of the fantasy suites, there were three women left, and a new problem emerged. Two of the women had encouraged Clayton to explore his relationships as deeply as he needed to, with Susie Evans being noticeably absent from that sentiment. Susie had expressed to the cameras that she would not be able to continue if Clayton had slept with any of the other women or expressed the same feelings he did to her. Essentially, she could n’t imagine her husband de ella being intimate with two women and proposing to her a week later. In a controversial move, Susie was given the last fantasy suite. And by the time the two went on their date, Clayton had been intimate with and expressed deep feelings for both of the previous women. Susie then explained her her boundary which, after some ugly words on Clayton’s part of her, led to her going home.

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Clayton was a guest on former The Bachelorette host Kaitlyn Bristowe’s podcast off the vine and had this to say when asked if he picked the order of the fantasy suites: The answer is no, I didn’t [pick the order].“He went on to explain how the producers”convinced“him of the order,”They’re like, ‘You need to keep your other options open, you need to keep everything open, so don’t close off. Because if Susie goes first, we’re afraid you’re gonna close off.'” The producers likely assumed this because prior to the dates, Susie had clearly been the front-runner. Clayton later corroborated this when he told Susie out of all the women he loved de ella, he loved her “the most.

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Though Clayton admits the producer’s input doesn’t mean he’s exactly innocent, saying, “I did have to say in it at the end of it all.while bachelor Nation was curious as to how this decision came to be, it doesn’t mean Susie going first would have made things better. Susie may have gone first, felt certain in the reciprocation of his feelings from her, and even allowed herself to experience intimacy with him, only for Clayton to be intimate with the two other women anyway. This would have probably been more heartbreaking for everyone involved, especially if Clayton had proposed to Susie and they had to watch this episode back as a couple.

Clayton’s season of TheBachelor has been riddled with drama; however, most of the drama has stemmed from Clayton’s own actions. The women, along with bachelor Nation, were exhausted with how long Shanae was allowed to remain on the show. The season went from bully to bully, with Clayton only sending them home once the women were at their breaking points. From then on, Clayton went onto the fantasy suites where he broke the cardinal unspoken bachelor rule of not telling more than one person you love them. Now that Susie’s gone and there are only two women left, it seems as if Clayton is going to have to face the consequences of his actions.

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Source: Off The Vine With Kaitlyn Bristowe

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