DnD’s New Unearthed Arcana Adds Dragonlance & Krynn

Dragonlance is a setting much-beloved by many Dungeons & Dragons fans, but it’s been absent from the game’s Fifth Edition up until now. The game’s latest Unearthed Arcana, Heroes of Krynnincludes an assortment of character options for players to use to bring the magic of the old books to their own games.

Like all Unearthed Arcana, these options are playtest materials. As such, they haven’t been thoroughly tested for balance, and they may be significantly changed when (or if) they ever make it into an official sourcebook. Still, these options have a lot of potential and provide a lot of Dragonlance fans to be hopeful about.

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The Curious Kender Race Comes to D&D 5e

Tasslehoff and Kitiara Dragonlance

Designed as an alternative to Lord of the Rings‘ hobbits, the Kender are a race of diminutive and curious waifs unique to the Dragonlance setting. They were originally conceived as thieves but have since been retconned to simply have an intense disregard for the concept of personal property, without any specific greed or malice. Heroes of Krynnin particular, ascribes their accumulation of useful items to magical phenomena, which players can manifest by rolling a d6.

On a one, the Kender pulls 5d6 gold pieces out of whatever container into which they reach. On a two, they find a light, simple weapon. A three provides a cheap item from the Adventuring Gear table in the Player’s Handbookwhile four is a random trinket, five a crowbar or grappling hook, and six an item of the player’s choice from the Tools table in the Player’s Handbook. While an interesting feature, it’s a bit limited. The items are blatantly magical and disappear after an hour, meaning they can’t be sold or tucked away for future use. They’re really only good for solving immediate problems, which can be tricky due to the random nature of the feature.

The Kender’s better feature is their Taunt, which lets them give a target disadvantage on all attack rolls for their next turn if they fail a Wisdom saving throw. This is especially useful because it only requires a bonus action to use. Finally, Kender have advantage on saves against the Frightened condition, which is useful, if not game-breaking.

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Heroes Of Krynn’s Lunar Magic Provides Plenty Of Free Spells

Lunar Magic is perhaps one of the best Sorcerous Origins introduced to Fifth Edition in quite a while. To start, players get the Sacred Flame cantrip with an extended radius to hit two targets. Then, they choose their “Lunar Phase,” selecting from either New, Full, or Crescent Moon. This can be swapped out on a long rest. Players learn one new spell for each phase every time they hit a new spell level. That would already combat one of the Sorcerer’s biggest issues, but players can then also cast those spells for free once per day if they’re in the associated phase.

Players can switch this phase once they hit sixth level, giving them access to 15 free spells per day. They also get the Lunar Boons feature at sixth level, which reduces the Metamagic cost of their spells. At level 14, they get a minor benefit associated with their phase, but their capstone at level 18 breaks the bank again, giving them a powerful bonus action for each phase that they can use for free once per day, and again after that by spending five sorcery points.

Heroes Of Krynn Blaze A New Trail For D&D Backgrounds


Backgrounds are often overlooked as, despite providing two skill proficiencies, the features they come with are typically abstract at best and don’t end up defining a character the way race and class does. Heroes of Krynn changes this by introducing two backgrounds with built-in feats: Knight of Solamnia and Mage of High Sorcery. Knights gain the Squire of Solamnia feat for free, providing a couple of minor bonuses in addition to proficiency with martial weapons and medium armor. Players taking the Mage of High Sorcery background instead gain the Initiate of High Sorcery feat, which provides a free cantrip in addition to a first-level Wizard spell.

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Feats Let Players Embody The Heroes Of Krynn

Dungeons and Dragons Dragonlance Characters

Most of the feats provided in Heroes of Krynn are linked to its backgrounds, and as such, only really make sense for games set in the world of high sorcery or for Dungeon Masters who don’t mind bending flavor rules. After reaching fourth level and becoming either a Knight of Solamnia or a Mage of High Sorcery, players can pick one of three paths. Mages can choose to become an Adept of the Red, White, or Black Robes. Each mage gets a free second-level spell from one of two schools linked to their order of her, alongside a feature unique to it.

Knights instead pick between the Orders of the Crown, Rose, or Sword. The Order of the Crown gets proficiency in Intelligence, Wisdom or Charisma saving throws, alongside the ability to boost those same saving throws for themselves and their allies. The Order of the Rose gets a bonus to their Constitution or Charisma and the ability to hand out temporary hit points a few times a day.

The Order of the Crown gets the best feat by far, increasing their Strength or Dexterity alongside the ability to give their allies advantage at key moments. The last two feats listed are similarly connected. Divinely Favored grants the Thaumaturgy cantrip and a first-level spell based on the character’s alignment. It also acts as the prerequisite for Divine Communications, which grants a bonus to an ability score, three additional languages ​​and the ability to cast Augury (second level) and Commune (fifth level) once every 1d4 days.

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