Martha Graham Memoirs

While writing my recent article on our current teacher shortage and the relationship of that problem to some public attitudes, I was also reminded of a local teacher I knew many years ago, who had started her career in 1930 and had struggled with many regulations that impacted women in the profession back then. Martha Graham was a talented writer, whose experience and insights are especially appropriate during March, for this is Women’s History Month.

Martha was born in the village of Roseville, back in 1910. Her father, Herbert King, was a blacksmith with just a fifth-grade education, but their small house was across the street from the local grade school and high school, so her family knew much about the local teachers. As she later said in a short memoir titled, “Growing Up In Roseville, Illinois, in the Early 1900s,” her mother de ella was a housewife in a poor family who read stories and poems to the King children. And as Martha grew up, she also loved to visit the Roseville Library and read books.

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